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why did i get married marcus chokes angela

Angela Yeah, and somebody’s been calling your phone all day long and hanging up. Now that he is, she berates him for his long hours, workaholic attitude, and the fact that he wants to say what they spend their money on. Patricia includes a confession of her love for Gavin, as well as a message of loving, respecting and trusting God in her acceptance speech. ),���(T����n`TL��� (g/ Frightening/Tense Scenes The film also stars Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Richard T. Jones, Denise Boutte, and Keesha Sharp. h�bbd``b`�$�c�`6����S�k2H6H����DJ#�J�#�?�Ο � Extreme For thematic material including sexuality, language, drug references and some domestic violence. She has major trust issues, is quite profane, and is generally unpleasant to be around most of the time. He is a hard drinker at times and turns violent and abusive when inebriated. Terry, Marcus, Gavin, Mike and Troy all meet for beers and other drinks at a local pub. Marcus is shirtless lounging on the beach, while Terry is in a muscle shirt. His bare chest and stomach are exposed. | "WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO?" The performer wears a vest, but no shirt. Patricia refuses, and Gavin vows a long court fight. The episodes include him slamming her up against a wall and putting a hole in the drywall. Marcus Mike, Where's Sheila? And nearly all of the eight major characters are shown in swimsuits and various stages of undress, but no nudity (all four of the major female characters show cleavage). "What the hell is he doing here?" Angela emerges from the ocean wearing a bikini. WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? This FAQ is empty. He doesn't. Angela Sheila checks into a local hotel to recover from the shock of her divorce and the realization that Mike has drained her bank account. We hear the sounds of sex, but the sexual activity is obscured by bed covers. That character later dies (off-screen) as a result of crash-related injuries. %%EOF Breakfast is a noisy affair with the arguing couples and Angela insulting Trina, the only single woman on the retreat, whom she instantly disliked. And you belong on the corner. A drunk Gavin swigs from a bottle of vodka and assaults Patricia, pinning her down on a sofa, yelling at her, pouring vodka on her. I made her drive, we took the plane. MALIK YOBA plays her architect husband, who ends up contesting the divorce when his wife tries to keep the royalty money she made on her last book. Dianne goes to see Terry and begs him to come back to her after crying over her list. Due to crowd noise at the screening, the following should be considered a minimum: When Angela sees how good Dianne looks, she marvels that Terry must be "knocking that up" and "knocking that out of the park," meaning the couple has likely been having great sex lately. A moderate amount of tense music occurs throughout the film, especially during the more dramatic sequences. "I'm sick of your selfish ass," "Bull crap," "What the hell are you all standing here?" Troy fast becomes a threat to Sheila's husband Mike, not because of Sheila, but because of Trina, with whom he is having an affair. The episodes include him slamming her up against a wall and putting a hole in the drywall. Dianne and Terry fight again right before they leave the mountains because he had a paternity test done on their daughter, and later on Terry's birthday at their home; Terry moves out because Dianne forgot about his birthday and did not tell him about getting her tubes tied. Sheila goes behind Troy's back and asks her ex-husband Mike to use his connections to help get Troy a job. Marcus You have my phone. TASHA SMITH plays his wife, who has a flash temper and doesn't care about embarrassing him or herself in public places when she feels the need to lash out. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? A truck comes out of nowhere and slams into the side of a car being driven by one of the main characters. The fourth couple is overly-perfect Patricia and depressed Gavin who arrive by limo cab. Angela retrieves a handgun from an upstairs closet, loads it, and then shoots up her bedroom when she finds her gardener/housekeeper having sex with a woman in her bed. [to Patricia and Angela]  "Calling all ho's!" The discussion briefly turns to spanking. Troy & Sheila get hitched off-screen, and she later gives an amazing speech about how much they love each other to her friends. Troy returns home after one failed job interview and pops open a beer. The infidelity of two of the husbands leads to a discussion by the men of the 80/20 rule. I ain't gay! This sends Angela into a rage, and she actually interrupts Marcus' "ESPN Sportscenter"-like TV show while it is live on the air with her accusations of his infidelity. Sheila is persistent to get to the retreat because she wants to make her marriage work. Dianne confesses to having had thoughts of another man while having sex with Terry after Terry recalls a specific night when their sex was especially good. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Angela constantly argues with Marcus and anyone who dares to interrupt them. The third couple is overweight Sheila and conceited Mike. No, I slept with him. The beautiful Ms.Jackson sounds as if she has been reading her lines from her screen play copy. Angela : 46 0 obj <>stream Angela has a dead person's ashes blown all over face and exposed torso at the beach after an older couple throws the human remains of their deceased friend to the wind. : Loss of a child. A single mom takes her family to Georgia for the funeral of her father -- a man she never met. The performer wears a vest, but no shirt. Providence leads her to Sheriff Troy Jackson's office. Newlyweds Sheila and Troy (JILL SCOTT and LAMMAN RUCKER) have serious money issues, having just moved from Colorado to Atlanta for Sheila's work. Why Did I Get Married? Terry suspects infidelity when Dianne brings home flowers without a note, but with a note-holder still in the bouquet. Patricia shows a considerable amount of cleavage with the first outfit we see her in. Angela steals Marcus' cellphone, but doesn't know how to "unlock" it to get the goods on her husband. PROFANITY Trina ©1996-2020 Screen It, Inc. TYLER PERRY plays a married family man who comes to suspect his wife is cheating on him. This film explores the resultant emotional impact that infidelity and love have upon the constitution of marriage. LAMMAN RUCKER plays her new husband, a generally decent man whose lack of job prospects and inability to support his wife and himself gnaws at his self-confidence and outlook on life. A drunken Gavin sets fire to a photo album filled with cherished pictures of his late son. | LAMMAN RUCKER plays her new husband, a generally decent man whose lack of job prospects and inability to support his wife and himself gnaws at his self-confidence and outlook on life.

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