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were the world mine ending

Get real folks ! A close friendship between two crew teammates is tested when one slowly discovers he's gay and attracted to the other. The misadventures of two young gay men, trying to find a place to be alone, one night in Manhattan. I will start with the bads so we can end on the highs. A bullied and demoralized gay student at an all-boys school uses a magical flower derived from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream' to turn many in his community gay, including a comely rugby player for himself. If you could make someone love you, would you? Too bad there is too much "art" for the closed-minded conservatives that would learn and benefit from this movie most! It completely cheered me up, i mailed my l.a.t boyfriend with just rapturous remarks about this film (we're watching it together this weekend). Copyright © Fandango. Armed with the pansy, Timothy's fading spirit soars as he puckishly imposes a new reality by turning much of his narrow-minded town gay, beginning with the rugby-jock of his dreams. This utterly adorable fantasy musical is one of those tiny movies made simply in a small town and without pretensions other than to enchant... and if you see it in a crowded cinema keen to enjoy then you are really in for a magical experience. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. If you had a love-potion, who would you make fall madly in love with you? A confident, out-of-the-closet gay teenager has the support of an eclectic range of friends while dealing with a homophobic bully during his first year at an international high school. • Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is the son of a divorced mom, Donna (Judy McLane) who find himself enrolled in an all boys prep school (sort of … It's called synchronization, fellas." People on the boards have criticized this movie in every way, from every angle and in every detail. fantasy, Forgot your password? The lead guy (I forgot to check his name) is an excellent protagonist, very talented actor, and it's also fantastic to see Wendy Robie (without her eye-patch), the songs are good and its a very creative movie; I just hate how they have to make it look like the guy and his mother moved to the only town where no one has ever seen a gay guy because, of course, being a movie with a gay theme they have to treat like it was some Very Special Episode where everyone reacts to the news dramatically and then comes to terms with it by the end. Timothy, prone to escaping his dismal high school reality through dazzling musical daydreams, gets to answer that question in a very real way. While I'm not too fond of yet another gay bullying narrative, his accidental turned purposeful revenge plan is amusing. There is enough music to warrant classifying it as a musical of sorts, but the real objective of the film is to offer a lesson in the many ways in which love dares to speak its name. Once that is done, fight Security. Timothy, prone to escaping his dismal high school reality through dazzling musical daydreams, gets to answer that question in a very real way. After a bullied gay member of the rugby team gets the lead (Puck) in the play, he and his ethereal teacher discover that the play's powerful floral elixir can turn anyone gay. This is one of the sweetest independent film I've seen, the numbers were really good, sung by talented cast. Were the World Mine gets by on sheer charm -- and on Gustafson's inventive direction, Kira Kelly's elegant cinematography and co-screenwriter Cory James Krueckeberg's whimsical production design, which works wonders on a limited budget. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. With it's heart tight in its lovable hero's hairy teen armpit, this DEAD POET SOCIETY locker room version of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM has more than a whiff of the teen spirit from Baz Luhrmann's Leo/R&J and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for teenage boys. I'll admit at the start I sighed and thought - no, not another gay teen angst movie, but no - he is a put-upon gay lad at school who happens upon a magical spell that makes every other boy at the school fall in love (or lust, at any rate) with other boys - and he gets one for himself, of course. Promises so much; delivers a lot - but less than expected, A Contemporary Spin on Shakespeare's Dream. Were the World Mine is a 2008 romantic musical fantasy film directed by Tom Gustafson, written by Gustafson and Cory James Krueckeberg, and starring Tanner Cohen, Wendy Robie, Judy McLane, Zelda Williams, Jill Larson, Ricky Goldman, Nathaniel David Becker, Christian Stolte, and David Darlow. | My tongue your tongue, were the world mine. Have been since forever. And did you see that Peter Ustinov 1948 film "Visa Versa"? This naturally leads to confusion and anger when the newfound gays and lesbians (acting like horny pod people) descent upon the straights, begging for their returned affections. Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. External Reviews that there's more to Ms. Tebbit than meets the eye, though it's never fully confirmed. Cinemark We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. The course of true love never did run smooth; it's a bumpy ride. Now you see me now you don't. After the town homophobes, including the rugby team, are taught a lesson by being queer for a spell, the community is a better place. You're almost there! • Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is the son of a divorced mom, Donna (Judy McLane) who find himself enrolled in an all boys prep school (sort of … To the movie's {and the actors} credit, the music is delightful. Wendy Robie is a total delight as the free spirited teacher who proves to be anything but a pushover. Timothy has just been cast as Puck in the all-male high school's senior class production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I was looking forward to this film, and I did ultimately enjoy it (and the actors in it... yum) but it let me down. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. that Timothy did not really need the pansy to make Jonathon fall in love with him. I am sure we've all learnt something today. | Fresh (17) FAQ His neighbour Ste has a rough time at home, being beaten by his father and brother. Tanner Cohen has an amazing voice, as well as the rest of the cast. Were the World Mine is set in an all male private school where the entire senior class is required to participate in the senior play, a production of "A Midsummer Nights Dream"---even the members of the rugby team. But if you're intending to watch a serious or more realistic film, this is not it. Why he thinks he can, I do not know. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. This 'fantasy' for open-minded audiences doesn't really have a happy ending at fact, this is the least progressive gay-themed film in a good while. Not to mention anything involving Shakespeare automatically gets a thumbs up from me, especially modern adaptations or ones that re-envision a classic plot in a new way, as this did. The drama continues as the young lead character is torn while trying to decide how to best use his new found "Love Potion". Determined that he won't go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband. Were the World Mine (2008) Plot. | Rating: 1.5/5, February 13, 2009 Timothy releases Jonathon from the love-spell and resigns himself to losing him, only to discover that Jonathon still loves him even without the influence of the magic pansy. This belongs on the musical stage. After his eccentric teacher casts him as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Timothy stumbles upon a recipe hidden within the script to create the plays magical, purple love-pansy. It's a musical. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. This film is a fantasy, it's sole objective to entertain and to make us dream, to get us away from our dull everyday existences and just enjoy ourselves. Hopefully this is not the last we will be seeing of the leading men in this film. The acting by all the principals, particularly by appealing lead Tanner Cohen, Judy McKane as his mother, and Wendy Robie as the school drama teacher, is first-rate. I know I am blathering on about this funny whimsical film in the tone of the title and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM terminology, but as I am having fun here with my descriptions, you will as well if you take the time to see and enjoy it as I described above. The choreography was very nice, but I there were scenes where I thought "Ouch. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Looking for something to watch? Usually I resent anything that stereotypes homosexuals. Put it on my list of nice gay movies. I was lucky enough to see this film at the official youth screening at the Vancouver Queer Film Fest. While somewhat shaky in construction, the cast and physical production of WERE THE WORLD... make it a mild pleasure, but it would be far *more* pleasurable had the author/director incorporated more of Shakespeare and less of well meaning contemporary farce. The film is a feature-length version of director Gustafson's 2003 short film, Fairies, which also stars Wendy Robie. Kinda reminded me of a gayer version of A Dirty Shame but a little smarter and more enjoyable. Don't have an account? She's great! It WANTS so badly to be a musical, but there aren't nearly enough songs to make it one. In the movie, when the love potion is used, does it actually turn you into a homosexual, or was it because the first person that was seen was of the same gender? Were the World Mine: Gay romance between bullied, small-town gay adolescent Tanner Cohen (seated) and school rugby team captain Nathaniel David Becker in Tom Gustafson’s mix of romantic yearning, music, humor, and fantasy: Were the World Mine.Based on both the Gustafson-directed 2003 short Fairies and William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Were the World Mine was the Jury … The only severe criticism I can think to level is not at the filmmakers, but in some of the reviews I have read from mainstream critics, who take the film to task over what they claim are cartoonish depictions for some of the townspeople – most notably the homophobic gym coach and Donna's Bible-thumping female boss, who fires her when she discovers Timothy's sexuality. | Rotten (7). The movie incorporated original lines of the play in too, while at the same time not over flooding the play with these sections or making areas hard to follow or difficult to understand. As well as some other titles, Were The World Mine is an amazing film. Were The World Mine is a 2008 musical film directed by Tom Gustafson and starring Tanner Cohen, Wendy Robie, and Zelda Williams.

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