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wales england's colony

Paperback – 8 Mar. How do we explain this curious tale of Welsh agencies refusing to support indigenous enterprise while generously supporting foreign investment  – to do exactly the same thing!

People can be excused for thinking that the article is the work of someone else. Enter your email address to receive instant notifications of new articles. We’re looking for just 600 people to donate £2 a month to sponsor investigative journalism in Wales. Our self-styled ‘National Newspaper of Wales’ is now little more than a desperate amalgam of showbiz news, columnists nobody reads, sport, and a daily promotion of all things Cardiff. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our former mining valleys are now among the poorest and most wretched areas of Europe.

The multicultural aspect of wales has never been a threat to Celtic Wales. . is a strong book, a crisp and pungent 196 pages, but also an important one. No of course there isn’t, not after decades of allowing the rural economy to decline, and doing nothing to bring in decent employment, for local people. said of the book: “I doubt anyone will agree with all of Martin Johnes’ emphases and conclusions, but Wales: England’s Colony? Though if you seek an area, an industry, an activity, call it what you will, that ticks all the colonialist boxes, then look no further than tourism. It can be bought here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Would a law firm in any other part of Wales get so much free publicity? The colony does not need to be far away, nor do its indigenes need to be of a different pigmentation or religion, what matters is the economic and other relationships between the two countries. Why doesn’t this article have the name of its true author at the top of the piece? It is the foundation stone for the dullest art of Wales. So far I don’t think any authority on Welsh history or culture would really disagree with much of what he has to say here.

The British have done it across the world, even to Christian European populations. I used to enjoy listening to BBC Wales in the morning when Roy Noble had the show, but simply can’t bear listening to Jason Mohammad with the self-assured British jingoism that permeates his attitudes, opinions and discourse.

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Note that in the piece I’ve linked to about Matthews, Michael Moritz is described as “the richest person in Wales”, which is stretching it a bit. To begin with, it does not really compete with English rivals in the way that a company chasing consumers in a competitive market would. England has never made a concerted attempt to exterminate Welsh culture as many other modern nation-states have the minority languages and cultures within their own borders. Enter your email address to receive instant notifications of new articles. Though in its coverage of the Scottish independence referendum last year all pretence at impartiality went out the window for the BBC in general, andNewsnight in particular. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

The Welsh were also very enthusiastic partners in the British Empire. Buy the book here.

Martin Johnes takes a wrecking ball to the ideology of Wales as historical victim.

Wales is a colony of England, and we Welsh are still bottom of the pile. Wales: England’s Colony? While over at the Talfan Davies patrimony things get weirder and weirder. 2019 by Martin Johnes (Author) › Visit Amazon's Martin Johnes Page. . It was intended to challenge its audience to reconsider Wales’ historical relationship with England and its place in the world. It operated by paying English companies to relocate to central Wales, with their workforces (all paid for), while spending many more millions building thousands of new houses for this influx. Clive Hughes was wasting his time appealing to Carwyn Jones, who is just a figurehead for a form of sham devolution. After all, there are a thousand years of history between Wales and England and if we rummage around we’re sure to find what we want there. Others have concentrated on the politics, suggesting that the ‘colony’ narrative came to such prominence because it was a simple way of unifying Welsh cultural nationalism with the labour movement.

Rarely in a human lifetime does one encounter such a corrupted sense of values, such an absence of proportion. Read about it and other cases. Watch the BBC series here. ‘Poor Wales’, ‘Ageing Wales’, ‘Wales’ Drugs Problem’ writes Phil Space, and intones Jamie Owen, but no one has the balls to really investigate these issues and give us the truth. Martin also makes the important point that national identity as we know it today is largely a modern creation. The irony with any discussion on national identity is that it’s a bit like the observer effect in physics. is published by Parthian Books and costs £8.99. And if so, why is Trinity Mirror allowing theWasting Mule to be used in this way? Thank you Geraint.

As this piece so well explains, the only real threat is the longest and still most persistent culture – the English monoculture. “Both cultural and political changes [in Wales] were the outcomes of people’s choices,” he says. But perhaps it’s not particularly fair to split academic hairs with a book that is meant to be popular rather than academic, and engage a broader audience in this interesting debate. But Welsh politicians, media, and others still applauded every relocation as ‘New jobs coming to —————‘.

He still lives in San Francisco with his family. Something becoming more regularly noticeable on BBC Wales is the adherence to the Question Time dictum – ‘When in Wales, listen only to English opinions’. by Dai Smith, and now this.

Leave a Reply … interview with Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Tourism: Creating a ‘Wales’ Without the Welsh, (Yes, I know the report mentions nimbyism and “opposition from residents”, but believe me, it goes way beyond that.). Still time to register. She was shrouded from head to foot with just a slit for her eyes, so I suppose she could have been an actress. A news service by the people of Wales, for the people of Wales. Perhaps the best way to explain how this Cardiff-obsessive system operates is by introducing that famous bullshit duet the Barry Brothers. I can’t be absolutely certain when I first realised the media lies (maybe it was when I was first lied about), but the reporting of the Balkan wars in the 1990s was something of a watershed because that coverage was not simply a lie here and there, or some vague and ill-defined bias, it was an unwavering adherence to a propaganda line originating in the Pentagon. was a 2019 book and BBC television series exploring the relationship between Wales and England. ( Log Out /  Trailer — Series 1.

They are online here. Donate now! The interviewee, living in mortal fear of being shouted at, claimed to have previously been subjected to abuse, but this must of course have happened before the Paris massacres. So, while I don’t fully agree that colonial oppression has been completely consigned to the past, I think the lesson that Martin has fished out of that past does have a lot of practical use in the present. I broadly agree with him but think he does perhaps go too far in the other direction at times in arguing that the Welsh had a choice in everything that happened to them. Wales since 1939; About; Wales: England’s Colony? Support Nation.Cymru’s work? How North Wales Helped to Define Our Ancient Relationship With England — Series 1, Episode 1. Tourism attracts a few million English tourists to Wales every year, many of whom decide to settle here. Perhaps the reinterpretation of the past as one where Wales has not been a colony for much of its history is a key stage in getting over the post-colonial mindset which continues to afflict us. First, we have another successful Welsh company being taken over. There were socio-economic factors at work here that most Welsh people, transported from a medieval to an industrial world at breakneck speed, really did have not much real control over. The main value of this book for the bulk of its readers will be to introduce them to large parts of Welsh history that they do not know about. Wales: England’s Colony? There is an echo here of the British media’s attitude when working abroad – find someone to interview who speaks English, even if that person knows sod all about the issue being covered. If only we can get past blaming England – and an obsessive need to beat them at rugby – and realise that we the Welsh people have the power to control our own destiny now, we’ll be in a better place. was a 2019 book and BBC television series exploring the relationship between Wales and England.

Historically, we Welsh had to be conquered and brought under English rule a) because we resisted Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Norman / English attempts to control the whole island of Britain and b) because we, as the original inhabitants of Britain, served to remind these invaders of our prior claim to their land as well as our own. When Llywelyn died so did the hopes of an independent Wales — Series 1. We can now look forward to Swansea’s daily paper, the largest selling Welsh daily, being written in Cardiff. So many such deviants from over the border are now turning up in Wales that it just has to be organised, perhaps by the Probation Service. And while this social engineering goes on older forms of exploitation persist. Although I would presumes of course that the argument put forth by Professor of History at Swansea University, Martin Johnes, will be the same in both book and series, so it may well be a kind of a review of both. This explains why tourism is being forced on us as ‘the economic salvation of rural Wales’. The only Welsh who make it – outside certain spheres such as sport and entertainment – are those who submit, or those who collaborate with the colonialist system. The publication of the extremely significant first complete Welsh translation of the Bible by William Morgan in 1588 greatly advanced the position of Welsh as a literary language. When it’s not drug addicts then it’s paedophiles. But the Celtic Manor poses no threat to the colonial arrangement. Our rural and coastal areas have been condemned to serve as recreation and retirement areas for our neighbours because, ‘There’s nothing else around here, is there?’. English cities steal our water resources, but it’s justifiable we are told because these cities built the dams.

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