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Activity Planner Dolly was a storm in Ghost ocean with a long lifespan of 17 days. Here are the latest developments in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus in the Bay Area. It is also interesting to note that total storm tides peaked at 3-3.5 Ft above MLLW in the back Bays including Nueces Bay and Lavaca Bay. Hurricane Dolly is considered to be the most destructive hurricane to hit the Rio Grande Valley in 41 years; the last such storm was Hurricane Beulah in 1967, but Beulah was not more damaging; it was just deadlier. Download it here. Barry then moved south into the Gulf of Mexico where it eventually strengthened into a Category 1 Hurricane and became the first hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season. Sustained winds were estimated at 100 mph with gusts of 120 mph when Dolly made landfall. 5-minute Observations Soldiers rescued a family trapped in their home near the mouth of the Rio Grande. In total, Dolly took the lives of 24 people and caused $90 million in damage. It is on the list of names to be used for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. Early on July 17, the wave passed through the Windward Islands and entered the eastern Caribbean Sea. California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information. In addition, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement evacuated its detention facility in Port Isabel. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1981-2010 Normals Dolly briefly hit category 3 status on June 30, 2020. Past Tropical Cyclones An estimated 36.71 inches of rain fell in Dauphin Island just within a 7 hour time span. This was a very slow moving system and was able to stream in copious amounts of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Water signs, traffic lights, etc. This was probably due to the low fatality count of 5. Damage estimates in Mexico are around $300 million (2008 USD). Dolly's remnants over Louisiana on July 3. Celia first formed on July 31 in the western Caribbean Sea and tracked northwest where it rapidly intensified to a Category 3 Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Rainfall totals of 1 to 2 inches were observed over northern portions of the region from Victoria to Laredo. Over the next several days, the wave continued westward, with deep convection along the wave axis becoming fairly organized at times, but despite this feat, there was little development. The image depicts wind speed in color and wind direction with small barbs. Dolly caused around $1.35 billion (2008 USD) in damage and 22 directs, only 1 of which was direct. Atmosphere Hurricane Dolly floods South Padre Island, Texas. Danny formed and strengthened to a Category 1 Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall on July 18 near Buras, Louisiana and weakening. Multiple locations were found. GOES-East Satellite The NHC posted hourly updates due to Dolly's looming threat. Records of max winds and min pressure from different islands affected by Dolly. Hurricane Dolly was the fourth named storm in the 2020 Ghost Ocean hurricane season. Rain continued to stream in and reached parts of New Mexico where rivers were flooded and more than 500 people had to be rescued. The gusty winds caused sporadic power outages across the southern Coastal Bend and Rio Grande Plains primarily between Corpus Christi and Laredo. Drought, WEATHER SAFETY Our first hurricane takes us to the very recent year of 2019. Graphical The energy of the microwave pulses changes depending on wind speed and direction. When it formed, it was predicted to make landfall near Houston as a minimal hurricane. Distant effects included high waves and rip currents throughout the Gulf of Mexico. The GHC was expecting Dolly to make landfall somewhere over the Triangle Islands, but instead Dolly turned south due to a low pressure from the north steering it away from the islands. Dolly's slow movement produced torrential rainfall over the mid coast region and Rio Grande Plains. Flash flooding from the remnant low of Dolly occurred in El Paso, Texas on July 26: one person was killed in an adjacent portion of New Mexico from a weather-related traffic accident. National Hazards Text Despite the evacuations, oil was not expected to be disrupted by the hurricane. Royal Dutch Shell evacuated 125 of its personnel from offshore oil rigs on July 20, as Dolly developed and threatened the oil rigs of the Gulf of Mexico. Tornado damage can also be seen in the Damage Photos tab. Hurricane Umberto made landfall near High Island Texas in 2007. Dolly strengthened to a hurricane just before landfall northeast of Chetumal on the Yucatan Peninsula as a minimal hurricane on August 20. Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The low pressure area started to intensify, and on June 5, the area was upgraded to a tropical depression with winds up to 30 mph winds by the GHC. Dolly was a storm in Ghost ocean with a long lifespan of 17 days. In Mexico, on July 21, the state of Veracruz placed 166 municipalities in preventive alert, fearing that Dolly would exacerbate already existing flooding. Totals of 3-6 inches; were observed generally south of a line from Rockport to Zapata. Tropical Storm Dolly formed in the Caribbean Sea between Honduras and Cuba on July 20, 2008. At its strongest, Dolly became a Category 2 Hurricane before weakening to a Category 1 Hurricane and making landfall in South Padre Island, Texas on July 23. Only minor damage was observed. The next day, Dolly started to pick up speed while moving towards the Stone Islands. ), from what I have heard, the island held up pretty well. You can view the damage Dolly caused by going to the Damage Photos tab atop the page. On July 23, Petróleos Mexicanos evacuated a total of 66 personnel from one of its oil rigs. One interesting note is that Barry never took on the classic circular look of a hurricane and was very asymmetrical through its entire life. Finally, Dolly lashed the Triangle Islands as a weak tropical storm. Hurricane Dolly was the fourth named storm in the 2020 Ghost Ocean hurricane season. Even though the peak is not until mid-August to late October, we can see deadly hurricanes throughout the entire season. 111 colonias were flooded, and 50 of those suffered severe flooding. On July 21 and 22, and upper-level low over the Bay of Campeche inhibited intensification of the cyclone. On July 23, Coahuila officials issued an orange alert, due to the possibility of flooding from the hurricane's remnants. Around 1400 UTC July 23, Dolly reached its peak as a low-end Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, attaining winds of 100 mph while centered a little less than 20 miles east of the mouth of the Rio Grande River. In the municipality of Solidaridad, 238 residents resided into shelters to ride out the storm. Questions? Online Weather School, CLIMATE/PAST WX On July 26, the remnant low of Dolly dropped heavy rains on Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, causing landslides, flooding, the collapse of a historic church and evacuation of numerous colonias. Hurricane Harvey - The last major hurricane to make landfall in Texas. Only a few thousand customers were impacted. As Dolly was churning through the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center issued a Hurricane Watch from Tamaulipas, Mexico to Port O'Connor, Texas. Dolly struck Texas at this intensity, becoming the strongest storm to hit Texas since Hurricane Ike in 2008. During this time, Meteorologists used radar and weather balloons to track weather activity on land. Staff Monthly/Yearly Rainfall Dolly formed on June 5 and dissipated on June 22. Convection continued to increase as the spin began to increase in speed. This system was being monitored for potential development by the National Hurricane Center as model runs consistently showed a borderline C1 hurricane making landfall in Texas. In the United States, President George W. Bush declared 15 counties of Texas as a federal disaster area. To track tropical activity off land, Meteorologists almost completely relied on reports from ships at sea for tropical activity data. Dolly soon reached its peak winds of 105 mph with a pressure of 969 millibars. Storm Surge Threat, EDUCATION South TX WX Journal Norms/Records/Rankings All NOAA. Fire Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tornadoes are common in Hurricanes and are generated in two areas: the eye wall region, and in the northeast quadrant of the hurricane, up to 250 miles northeast of the center. After weakening to a tropical storm, Dolly spun off another tornado near Poth early on July 24 with minor damage. Over the next day, a broad spin was noticeable with the low pressure area. This allowed upper-level outflow over the cyclone to become enhanced, and consequently, Dolly attained hurricane status at around 0000 UTC July 23. The next day, another 60 of its personnel were evacuated. The Hurricane continued to track west and finally made landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas on August 3. Isolated tornadoes occurred in the northeast quadrant including one waterspout and three tornadoes. 1971 What-might-have-been Atlantic hurricane season (Fan/Nyssus Collab), 2020 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneLucas4064),,_Garfield)?oldid=467191, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. Additional flash flooding and river flooding on the Rio Ruidoso in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico occurred on the morning of July 27, after more than 6 in (150 mm) of rainfall from Dolly's remnants: hundreds of tourists, campers and residents were evacuated and the storm caused damage at the Ruidoso Downs racetrack. Those residents were placed in 21 storm shelters. English: Air Station Corpus Christi HH-65C over-flight of southern Texas, post Hurricane Dolly (FOR RELEASE) In this video by the U.S. Coast Guard, the crew of an HH-65C helicopter rescue crew from Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, navigates an over-flight of southern Texas, Thursday, July 24, 2008, to determine damage left in the wake of Hurricane Dolly. Reconnaissance aircraft indicated at this time that there was a broad low-level circulation, but no definite circulation center, as the wave was propagating across the eastern and central Caribbean Sea. At the time of this writing surge data was not available for Baffin Bay. On July 13, Barry made landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane over south-central Louisiana and was a big rain maker. As we go through the month of July, remember we are only about a third of the way through the Atlantic hurricane season. Since information could not be given out ahead of time, many people were unprepared for this Hurricane. Dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed with hundreds more damaged, and the storm surge caused many boats to brought onshore, some into homes. Submit a Storm Report This data visualization of Hurricane Dolly shows observations from the QuikSCAT satellite on July 22 at 7:23 p.m. local time (00:23 UTC, July 23), when Dolly was near its peak strength.

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