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Many sources consider her age to be right around 19 years old. ", "Very funny. Tiana is an intelligent, resourceful, and highly talented young woman. Got me a fresh batch just waitin' for you. As a character, Tiana has been mostly positively received. The first Disney Princess to have certain parts of her life influenced by a real life person was Pocahontas. She was originally going to work as a maid, but that was cut, presumably because a black maid seemed pro-slavery. I reckon you want a kiss? Louis "terrifies" the realtors into accepting Tiana's offer. We all thought it was a great idea. James laughs and tells her that star can only take her halfway: she has to work the other half. She, however is the only Disney Princess to have two wedding dresses. Originally, at Charlotte's masquerade ball, Tiana wore a renaissance costume, with honey yellow and a light green/brown as its primary colors. Tiana, unlike Charlotte, is disgusted with kissing a frog. Tiana is the fourth Disney heroine associated with the Disney Princess franchise to be in an interracial relationship, after Pocahontas, Esmeralda and Kida. Unfortunately, before Charlotte can kiss him, the clock strikes midnight, making Charlotte no longer a princess, so the kiss doesn't work. During her confrontation with Dr. Facilier, Tiana was put in a white, sleeveless gown, with golden straps, diamond earrings, a golden necklace, and a white feather, resembling the classic 1920s swinger outfits. "[10] Clements and Musker pitched the idea for the film to Walt Disney Animation Studios CEO John Lasseter "as a hand-drawn film with an African American heroine",[7] conceiving Tiana "as someone who would never have been a big fan of Disney fairy tales. (Tiana became a frog; Ariel became a human). Naveen, thinking that Tiana is a princess, begs her to kiss him, which would brake the spell, and turn him human. Furthermore, Tiana had enough physical strength as a frog to escape from a hunter's grasp by bending back his fingers with her feet. [9], Tiana is loosely based on both Princess Emma, the heroine of Baker's novel, and the princess who appears in the Grimm fairy tale. [7] Although originally conceived as a computer-animated film, Clements and Musker fought for The Princess and the Frog to be traditionally animated. ", "My dream wouldn't be complete... without you in it. Biographical Information Young Tiana and Charlotte listening to "The Frog Prince". Tiana is the first princess to go to an adventure with her love-interest to fulfill something, with the second being Rapunzel and the third being Anna. For meet-and-greets, Tiana is available primarily at Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square and Disneyland's New Orleans Square. Oh, I'm not a princess. The gown's petticoat is a light yellow color. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In doing so, Tiana falls victim to the curse, as well, setting off an adventure in the bayou in search of a cure. ", [while standing on the balcony, she sees a wishing star; sighs] "I can't believe that I'm doing this. Despite being left-handed, Tiana is showing signing a paper with her right hand in her fantasy during the "Almost There" number. She is, so far, the possible most recent time living princess. After enduring three auditions, the role ultimately went to American actress and singer Anika Noni Rose, with whom Hudson and Knowles co-starred in the musical film Dreamgirls. Big Daddy sits at one of Tiana's tables, when, halfway through her shift, Charlotte barges in and tells Tiana that Big Daddy (king of the Mardi Gras) had set her up a date with the Prince Naveen at the Mardi Gras ball. Tiana is similar to Cinderella in the sense that both are known for working hard, are seen balancing food to be served to others on their hands and head, are friends with a dog, (Bruno for Cinderella, Stella for Tiana), and have similar hairstyles with and without their princess outfits and become princesses by marriage. Baran. The genres range from jazz, R&B, blues and soul, instead of traditional pop or classical. Later than same night, she dawns her iconic blue princess gown, loaned to her by Charlotte. Tiana is a fictional character in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog (2009). Moved, Charlotte says she will kiss Naveen, "no marriage required", but it is already midnight and she is too late to break the spell. However, the depiction of Tiana and her community has been criticized for lacking "emphasis on racial issues". Some include carpets resembling the Magic Carpet from Jasmine, shower curtains with artwork of "dinglehoppers" and "snarfbalts" from Ariel, mirror frames with woodcarvings of woodland creatures from Snow White and much more. Ron Clements and John Musker decided not to hire "big stars" to voice the film's main characters because "it can help with the identification of that animated character with the voice if you don't get an instant mental picture of the real actor." [29] Rose didn't want Tiana to resemble "a cookie-cutter princess who had been coloured in brown. The oldest Disney Princess, Elsa, is 21. In the movie Princess and the Frog, Tiana supports herself through a job waitressing, and she appears to be generally more responsible and level-headed than earlier princesses. [26] Henn was inspired by studio employee Jaimie Milner, a film intern who was working in post production. She is easily irritated with people who seem to have never lifted a finger in their life (especially Prince Naveen), and finds joy in success and doing things by herself. [19] Vying to continue to approach the film with sensitivity, Clements and Musker sought guidance from screenwriter Rob Edwards, who is African American. Henn was also inspired by studio employee Jaimie Milner, a film intern who was working in post production." While some critics, such as Richard Watson, praised the film for offering a long-awaited "break in tradition",[41] others received it with much criticism and speculation. She also, for the most part, has appeared to accept that over the years, as seen when she and Eudora visited the old sugar mill in preparation of its purchase. Prince Naveen [15] Clements explained, "We didn't realize it was that big of a deal,"[16] and originally gave the character the French name "Madeleine"—"Maddy" for short. However, it is soon revealed that it was really Lawrence in disguised. ", "All right, all right. A hardworking waitress who dreams of opening her own restaurant, Tiana finds her progress stalled when she transforms into a frog after desperately kissing a prince who has been turned into one by an evil witch doctor. She is the last Disney Princess that was made by the traditional 2D animation. At first, Tiana and Naveen are both annoyed with each other, when Tiana finds out that he was not really planning on giving her money. However, if you include Megara in 1997, she is the second heroine. Created by directors Ron Clements and John Musker and animated by Mark Henn, Tiana, as an adult, is voiced by Anika Noni Rose, while Elizabeth M. Dampier voices the character as a child. ", [tugs off the leech] "You're broke, and you had the gall to call me a liar? Born on December 24 #5. Aside from her workaholic nature, Tiana has another side to her; one that's passionate, imaginative, and ambitious. So, what now? Disneyheroines Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Race Tiana and Naveen get married in the bayou. [9] Clements elaborated, "There's a woman in New Orleans named Lee (sic) Chase who was a waitress and ultimately opened a restaurant with her husband … we met with her and we talked with her and she went to kind of into her story, her philosophy about food, which is a big element of the movie. Tiana was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to James and Eudora. [8] Both "thrilled"[23] and "ecstatic" by the fact that she would be voicing Disney's first African American princess, Rose, a longtime fan of Disney who had always wanted to voice a Disney character, was "surprised by some of the things that the community took issue with. Black I - I'm green and I'm - and I'm slimy! Tiana is a meetable character at the Disney parks, dressed in her "lilypad/flower" gown from the movie. Tiana's iconic lily pad outfit is a green, sparkling, strapless, sleeveless ball gown. Charlotte takes her up to her room to change. She is a strong believer in doing things to the best of her ability, and for the majority of the film, cares little for relaxing or having fun. Open your eyes, now... Before you get hurt. Near the end of Disneyland's live stage show, Yen Sid's apprentice Mickey Mouse travels to New Orleans for one final adventure with Tiana and many other citizens as they perform "Dig a Little Deeper". The fact that Tiana baked five hundred beignets for Charlotte's masquerade ball that was the next day means Tiana is a competent enough cook. I'll...", "A prince? [32], Tiana, alongside the other Disney Princesses, appeared in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet, as it was announced at the 2017 D23 Expo.[33]. Tiana is the fifth Disney Princess to have black hair and brown eyes. Her and Naveen's first wedding was in the swamp witnessed by Mama Odie and many of its animals. Tiana arrives at her house and greets her father, who helps her make a pot of gumbo. Besides, I'm gonna... [to a rather messy kid] Need a napkin, sweetheart? Tiana and Naveen are also in the "Festival of Fantasy Parade" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Tiana is a fictional character in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog (2009). My daddy never lost sight of what was really important... and neither will I! Her dress has not changed except that glittery designs of reeds have been added. Harvard teacher Michael D. Baran, a cognitive psychologist and anthropologist, expressed how children learn about race, and how Disney has a stereotyping history, "Because of Disney’s history of stereotyping, people are really excited to see how Disney will handle her language, her culture, her physical attributes" said Michael D. Tiana, the daughter of Eudora and the late James, is an aspiring cook and restaurant owner whose life is turned upside down when she's magically transformed into a frog and forced to partner up with the arrogant Prince Naveen, also a human-turned-frog, in order to turn human again. This criticism was reported on some other blogs. She first appears along with Naveen and Ray during the "So Close" scene. [12] Though "Tiana" (Τιάνα) does not translate as "princess" (πριγκίπισσα),[18] it can be decoded as a portmanteau, coined by blending the princess names Τία and Νταϊάνα. "[38] Betsy Sharley of The Los Angeles Times wrote positively of Tiana, describing her as both "beautiful" and "boisterous". Tiana and Naveen help each other escape from frog hunters and Tiana teaches Naveen to help her cook. Tiana's mother rebukes Charlotte and the kitten jumps on the ceiling. However, public criticism eventually caused her character's name to be changed to Tiana and her job, a waitress. ", "Huh? When working her day job at Buford's Diner, Tiana wears a yellow dress over a white shirt, a white apron, with brown shoes. In the movie Princess and the Frog, Tiana supports herself through a job waitressing, and she appears to be generally more responsible and level-headed than earlier princesses. ", [yanks the spoon out of her dad's hand] "Wait! Tiana is the second Disney Princess who married twice, the first being Cinderella. She is also the only Princess to ever come into contact with automobiles. Helen O'Hara of Empire wrote positively of the character, describing her as "a hard-headed heroine who works hard and displays a focus and drive". When a group of alligators tried to eat her and Naveen, Tiana swam away without being caught and, unlike Naveen, found a hiding spot. [8] When Rose was personally contacted by Disney about voicing Tiana, her expectations were not particularly high. [1][41][42] The studio's decision to create a black heroine was met with mixed reception. Charlotte talks on and on about the Prince than compliments Tiana on her new outfit.

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