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the witch who came from the sea review

Are her visions real? I would rate it 6.5 if you were able to give one-half stars. The strange film is also given much credence thanks to the beguiling performance by Millie Perkins, who manages to infuse the proceedings with a serious and likeable nature, almost despite what we know is going on. This one will haunt you longer, but they'd make a kindred double bill. Coming Soon. The low budget didn't prevent director Matt Cimber from selecting several marvelous and atmospheric filming locations and an extra word of praise goes out to Dean Cundey for his breathtakingly beautiful cinematography. A weird and obscure little film from exploitation director Cimber, The Witch Who Came From The Sea gained a degree of notoriety some years ago when it appeared on the UK's controversial 'video nasties' list. Another movie that makes macho men look like Muppet Babies. It also features the single most upsetting childhood trauma flashback I've ever seen. Impressive and coherent "video nasty" from the 1970's which is well worth a watch today. She makes Molly alternately both sad and scary, sexy and frumpy, vulnerable and impenetrable, lucid and opaque. The horror crowd will be disappointed, but those looking for the offbeat, will have found gold, with this twisted tale of hallucinations and mutilations. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Molly (Millie Perkins) is a girl who is haunted by a childhood of sexual abuse at the hands of her now dead father. And how did Molly's sister get a hold of them? User Ratings If you ever find yourself arguing that the idiots behind the 'video nasties' list didn't have a clue what they were doing, The Witch Who Came from the Sea should be your Exhibit A. Molly projects her repressed rage and vehement disdain for her dad onto other men whom she castrates after having sex with them. We then follow her on her dissent into alcoholism and insanity. Of course, this movie wouldn't work as well as it does without Perkins' truly fabulous lead performance. |, February 16, 2011 Good low budget oddity, hard to find these days, Plays like a lost and degraded artifact of horror/art-house cinema, Unique, surreal and disturbing, but exploitative, The cover art really does have a LOT to do with the film, just not literally. Of note in the film is Millie Perkins, of Diary of Anne Frank fame. But after that, there's almost nothing. Film data from TMDb. The bar and beach and houses and the street shots give the film gritty realism. She's especially heart-breaking towards the shattering conclusion. MichaelEternity is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. THE WITCH WHO CAME FROM THE SEA is a strange bit of 70's exploit cinema, and is pretty unique in it's weirdness. Awards Carry on castrating football-players and slicing up obnoxious TV-actors, as they're all bastards anyway! 17, Sure, there's a little bit of blood and the suggestive child abuse scenes are a bit shocking, but this film is never going to corrupt or deprave. All rights reserved. The film has much to recommend it. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Join here. Well, while the contents of this movie are not going to match the operatic allure of its amazing poster, that looks like gnarly '80s paperback cover art inspired by ages-old Renaissance paintings (imagine a whole movie crafted by such parameters! Soon two footballers are castrated and killed, while Millie enters into a obsessive relationship with McPeak (Stafford Morgan), a film star appearing in a frequently run shaving commercial on TV. Sleazy and subversive but with a strong feminist undertone: the men in this movie are either matinee idols, muscle-bound hunks or weirdly trippy outsiders. Regal Everything was done off-screen (like the Japanese film, AUDITION) and what little gore there was, if wasn't convincing at all. The notorious castration sequence is pretty difficult to watch and the incest parts could be considered offensive, but if you exclusively focus on those elements you'll miss out on a truly insightful psychological drama! Before seeing "The Witch Who Came From The Sea" I only knew the pictures on posters and DVD covers, and that it was once on the BBFC's Video-Nasty list. Cool! That doesn't take away from the excellent nature of this very underrated, if unnoticed, film. The DVD cover-art makes this look like a 70s fantasy-type movie, but it's really an exploration of an abused woman's madness. I was misled by the title and poster, there isn't any witch on the plot, not as usual way , just as allegory due his father was a Captain and disappears on the sea, Molly (Millie Perkins) was in her childhood victim of sexual abuse from his father, as adult she was living in two different dimensions, one a peaceful one who used to take care of her nephews, but in his psycho mind all she thinks becomes true, without a fair explanation, disturbing scenes were scattered along the picture, classified as "nasty pictures" stay on a limbo many years, back to light lately, wasn't able to all tastes, apart Millie Perkins an actor appears and I tried recognize, he was Rick Jason from "Combat" a slight older on small role, despite the obvious low budge the picture isn't too bad who some implies, an average and unusual slash picture from the seventies. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. External Reviews "The Witch Who Came From The Sea" is a gritty and disturbing motion picture, and definitely NOT the sleazy exploitation garbage it's reputed to be (courtesy of the stupid BBFC and their list of banned Video Nasties). This stunningly dark, daring, and disturbing exploitation masterpiece tackles the touchy subject of incest head-on with genuinely insightful and unsettling results. I let go of myself there for a second, but only because this film is so very convincing in its portrayal of a traumatized young woman with a deeply repressed hatred towards overpowering men, spawned by a barbarically forced incestuous relationship with her father; a typical sailor. Forgot your password? If things regarding the delusional and irrational behavior of incest victim Millie Perkins had been more focused, the film would have benefited. This is a favorite of mine having already owned the bleak DVD, and also having had the pleasure to enjoy it on VHS and 35mm. Curious that the AHP focuses in on a movie that helped to create such controversy in the UK, the homeland of Arrow Video. - MERK. Anyway, while the shocks are disappointing, and I can understand why this isn't a widely liked cult classic; I've got to say that I really enjoyed it...and I should also mention that I'm not really sure why. But Molly has also recollections of her childhood, when she was sexually abused by her father. | Rotten (2). Millie Perkins gives a staggering performance as Molly, a devoted aunt to her nephews and go-to-girl of the popular seaside bar The Boathouse. "The Witch Who Came from the Sea" follows Molly, a woman living with her sister in Los Angeles, suffering from severe psychological trauma resulting from her father's incestuous relationship with her. As it is, the acting by Ms Perkins is convincing, and for a horror / psychological drama most of the acting is above average. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy One aspect that detracted from it for me was how the cops traced clothes to Molly's sister. I can't say I enjoyed this movie in the sense that I would like to see it again anytime soon (most men will find it pretty, uh, painful), but I can't help respecting it. This is vastly underrated film with a main focus on the psyche of its protagonist. Admittedly, I too was expecting a steaming pile of exploitative 70's trash, but the tone & style of this film literally blew me away! (Maybe I missed a bit of dialog?) They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. | Fresh (8) 2019, Hooptober 6, #5: A Film Whose Year Ends in 6. )exploitation movie, but they both share an eerily haunting seaside location and have a truly shocking ending. Not a lot of shocks, but nevertheless a nice slice of sleaze, A poignantly astute and accurate portrait of the devastating psychological effects of incest, Weird, Amateurish and Senseless Slasher B-movie of Exploitation, Impressive sleaze/slasher classic from the seventies. Why not seven? | FAQ Restored classic; one of the infamous video nasties banned in Britain. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. | Rating: 2/5, March 2, 2005 Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. |, December 15, 2017 This was a movie that focused on a disturbed woman who killed based on some strange goings on in her childhood. "The Witch etc..." is a truly odd but fascinating film, lightyears ahead of its time in the psychological department and rich on shocking themes instead of gratuitous gore. | Rating: 1/5. Molly... is a complex flesh-and-blood character whose derangement is presented with immense sensitivity and sympathy - and her descent into madness is figured less as visceral slice-and-dice than as heightened domestic tragedy. If you can even call THE WITCH FROM THE SEA simply a horror movie. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. a classic exploitation but this has more serious aspirations and a decent script, Gritty, amateurish character study/psychodrama, Sexy murder with Arrow Restoration in the American Tradition, Weird And Compelling Psychological Horror Drama. Millie Perkins, who agreed to star in this movie made from her husband's screenplay (and culled from both their personal lives) simply to pay his medical bills, is painfully raw. The characters are right-on; they have personality and depth. It all climaxes in one of the most affecting, tragic and strangely beautiful final acts I've ever seen a horror movie. This movie can come from no decade but. Millie Perkins, who agreed to star in this movie made from her husband's screenplay (and culled from both their personal lives) simply to pay his medical bills, is painfully raw. Works more as a psychological horror verging on slasher, not requiring such an ugly display of sexual violence as other 'popular' rape-revenge movies. As a result, she snaps and embarks on a killing and castration spree. I didn't love The Witch Who Came From the Sea on my first viewing. And rather than portraying all men as jerks or potential rapists, it has a likable male character in her older bartender boyfriend, "Long John". Cimber does tone it down a little but couldn't remove the scene entirely as, like I said, it's pivotal and adds to the story and character of Molly; it clarifies a lot of things for the audience. This one is also different because, rather than seeing a man butcher women; we've got a woman exacting violence against men. | Rating: 4/5

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