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temper in a sentence

I got quite frightened when he lost his, 21. I'm having extreme difficulty in not losing my, 27. It does not, like Villehardouin, give us a picture of the temper and habits of a whole order or cast of men during a heroic period of human history; it falls far short of Froissart in vivid portraying of the picturesque and external aspects of social life; but it is a more personal book than either. As was written of him in The Times after his death, "his personal character carried immense weight, but his great position depended still more on the universally recognized fact that his belief in Christian truth and his defence of it were supported by learning as solid and comprehensive as could be found anywhere in Europe, and by a temper not only of the utmost candour but of the highest scientific capacity. The child remained under the table in a, 22. be given to sth / to doing sth to do sth often or regularly: She's much given to outbursts of, 23. Since Sam was known as a man with a hot temper and the sand to back it up, the bad-hat decided he'd pick on Roy. They can also regress to behaviors such as thumb sucking, bed wetting, temper tantrums, and clinging to a favorite blanket or toy. A little white lie here, a little unnecessary temper flare there - our culture does n't see these as particularly bad things. Who could blame Valorie for shrinking from Yancey's temper? The king had now many opportunities of seeing Mme Scarron, and, though at first he was prejudiced against her, her even temper contrasted so advantageously with the storms of passion and jealousy exhibited by Mme de Montespan, that she grew steadily in his favour, and had in 1678 the gratification of having her estate at Maintenon raised to a marquisate and herself entitled Mme de Maintenon by the king. His temper was what the French happily call a difficult one, and his life was consequently enlivened or disturbed by various literary quarrels. His temper was naturally that of a trimmer; and he had thus many qualifications for the writing of well-informed and unbiassed history. These positions, though Grotius's religious temper did not allow him to rely unreservedly upon them, yet, even in the partial application they find in his book, entitle him to the honour of being held the founder of the modern science of the law of nature and nations. There, too, after a fit of temper, I went to find comfort and to hide my hot face in the cool leaves and grass. Then I took the doll, meaning to give it back to her when she had made the letters; but she thought I meant to take it from her, and in an instant she was in a temper, and tried to seize the doll. All Rights Reserved. No doubt, however, the temper in Athens was at that time predominantly warlike, and the surrender of the hoplites was a unique triumph. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Neither could forgive Tisza for repudiating his earlier Radical policy, the so-called Bihar Programme (March 6, 1868), which went far beyond the Compromise in the direction of independence, and both attacked him with a violence which his unyielding temper, and the ruthless methods by which he always knew how to secure victory, tended ever to fan into fury. Prince Andrew, glancing at Pierre, broke the silence now and then with remarks which showed that he was in a good temper. Thus in the Doctor and Student it is said: "Law makers take heed to such things as may often come, and not to every particular case, for they could not though they would; therefore, in some cases it is necessary to leave the words of the law and follow that reason and justice requireth, and to that intent equity is ordained, that is to say, to temper and mitigate the rigour of the law.". temper flared, then prepare to face the consequences the next day at work. 171. The presence of such dewlaps in lizards is always a sign of an excitable temper. He was stoned to death, and Rehoboam realizing the temper of the people fled to Jerusalem and prepared for war. Most children with marked temper tantrums will not grow up to be violent criminals. In November of that year he fled in disguise from his capital to Gaeta, in the kingdom of Naples, and when French arms had made feasible his restoration to Rome in April 1850 he returned in a temper of stubborn resistance to all reform; henceforth he was no longer open to the influence of men of the type of Rossi or Rosmini, but took the inspiration of his policy from Cardinal Antonelli and the Jesuits. But her frank recklessness, her generosity, her invariable good temper, her ready wit, her infectious high spirits and amazing indiscretions appealed irresistibly to a generation which welcomed in her the living antithesis of Puritanism. Someone else tried fifty-two years later but he couldn't get up the side of the rock and left in a foul temper. Her temper was shorter, the result of not sleeping and the pain of her arm. Moreover, with this masterful temper was joined an infirmity of purpose which ever let " I dare not wait upon I would," and which seized upon any excuse for postponing measures the principles of which he had publicly approved. In all these matters the House showed little enough of the revolutionary temper; so little, indeed, that in March Lord Durham resigned. The vehemence of his temper was controlled by an affectionate disposition. The ideas of the Revolution and the general temper of the age produced Napoleon's power. On arriving at Paris three days after Waterloo he still clung to the hope of concerting national resistance; but the temper of the chambers and of the public generally forbade any such attempt. "Jule, you don't understand what—" "I'm starting to understand," Jule said, temper at its limit. His marriage in 1721 with Miss Brydges of Wallington, Surrey, led to an estrangement from his father, a person of somewhat morose temper, which terminated in 1723 after the death of the lady in giving birth to a son. But Napoleon's power suppressed the ideas of the Revolution and the general temper of the age. But he had not removed all dangerous members of the royal house, nor had he gauged the temper of the times or people. And whenever he had to deal with this sort of folks, if he did not beforehand take a strong resolution of keeping his temper, he quickly fell into a passion; for he was naturally choleric, but his anger never lasted long. Jason lost his temper and broke the bathroom mirror. But such a temper of mind is much more akin to scepticism than to mysticism; it is characteristic of those who either do not feel the need of philosophizing their beliefs, or who have failed in doing so and take refuge in sheer acceptance. 182. Bramham was out of temper. 8. The more conservative temper of the Anglican and Lutheran communions, however, suffered the retention of such processions as did not conflict with the reformed doctrines, though even in these Churches they met with opposition and tended after a while to fall into disuse. His boozing, arrogance, and hair-trigger, 29. be given to sth / to doing sth to do sth often or regularly: She's much given to outbursts of, 30. His mother, noted for her volatile temper, was descended from the Gordons, with their wild, bloodsoaked highland history. Gabriel said nothing, sensing the half-demon's explosive temper was close to the surface. My two-year-old son seems to have serious temper tantrums. Recognizing the potential of temper foam, Yost founded Dynamic Systems Inc. and worked with NASA to make a commercial form of the foam available for medical and sports equipment use. The king of Sardinia having shown a hostile temper, Montesquiou made an easy conquest of Savoy. It was, however, soon clear that Palmerston's diagnosis of the temper of the French bourgeois was correct; the clamour for war subsided; on the 4th of December the address on the Egyptian Question proposed by the government was carried, and peace was assured. They may find a way to temper Anshan's defiance. The military spirit was evolved, not in raids and massacres of the usual Asiatic type which create little but intense racial hatred, but in feuds between families and factions of the same race, which restrained ferocity and tended to create a temper like that of the feudal chivalry of Europe. It was in the successful effort to open this treasure-house that Hamilton's mind received its final temper, " Des-lors it commenga a marcher seul," to use the words of the biographer of another great mathematician.

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