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teefa in trouble budget

[7] It is the first non-Indian film which was distributed internationally by Yash Raj Films. Both the celebrity stars were barred from making any further comments on their social media handles regarding the case especially targeting each other. "[119] BBC Urdu's Hassan Zaidi gave positive reviews to the film and termed it as the most commercial Pakistani film which will help open a new chapter in Pakistan's commercial cinema. 4.4   M, 1st   week                                      11.33  cror, 2nd week                                       7.48   cror, 3rd  week                                       5.72   cror, 4th  week. [134][135] He told The Express Tribune that the playback voice for Maya Ali would "be Aima Baig, not five different voices", adding that "I wanted every song to be a movie-hit song. The film is a directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim, who is known for directing music videos and television commercials with several Pakistani artists under his Tadpole Films banner. During a series of fights and arguments, Anya falls off the train, and Teefa jumps to save her, and they fall into a lake. $98,806. Teefa in Trouble: ₨10.15 crore (US$833,197) 3 2018 10 Load Wedding: ₨7.3 crore … Protests began on Thursday night from Karachi when young people were witnessed protesting silently … [100][101][102][103] For Dawn, Bilal Agha described the film as "splendidly directed" and one that "set the bar high" for Pakistani films. "[32][33], Filming began on 18 February. Worldwide Box Office. “I have sent a legal notice and have been advised not to speak about it,” he says. [9], Butt Sahab, who is outraged at Bonzo for refusing his son's hand and is not willing to take no for an answer, enlists Teefa to take the first flight to Warsaw, kidnap Anya and bring her back to Pakistan, so he can arrange his son's wedding with her. [51] He told The Express Tribune that it has been designed to "provide a cinematic experience that hasn't been done here yet",[50] and added to Dawn that this may be "the most expensive Pakistani production",[52] further said to The News, "We need to think out of the box and see how international cinema works". Movie ka budget. After an emotional conversation, Teefa, realizing he fulfilled his purpose, seemingly succumbs to his wounds. ", "TEEFA IN TROUBLE: A NO-SPOILER REVIEW OF THE PAKISTANI MOVIE! 18.22 cror, Pakistan total collection             32.33  cror, Overseas collection. The award show commented to respect the decisions of jury as well as wait for the legal decision of the harassment case. Zafar has pulled out all the stops to make sure the fruits of his labour are well received. While Lightingale Productions has the distribution rights of the film back home, it has tied up with Indian company Yash Raj Films to target the overseas markets in the UAE, Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. “I am a firm believer, though, that truth will prevail.”, While Zafar cannot say much about that troublesome episode, both he and co-star Maya Ali are happy and confident about, “We showed the [raw footage] to a few neutral observers and everyone liked it,” says Zafar. Teefa goes to Poland to get Anya to Pakistan to marry Butt gangster's son but lands up in trouble with Anya's gangster father and the Polish police. [106], For Geo News, Aizaz Imtiaz of commented that it may be an "ordinary story" but "the way it has been shot keeps you hooked till the last scene". He said that a film should not look like "a TV serial, it should be larger than life and the story should be engaging". Also Read: Ali Zafar’s Teefa in Trouble Partners with India’s Yash Raj Films. “We hope the audience here and back home in Pakistan like it, too.”. [124] It was made available on Netflix Pakistan on 30 January 2020.[125]. [115] Fatima Awan of rated it 3 out of 5 stars, she compared this film with previous Pakistani films, but praised its action sequences and said that it "could have been far more impressive if it was visually pleasing as well". [107] Rehan Ahmed reviewed positively and called it as the biggest and most smart film towards the revival of Pakistani cinema. 4.22   cror, 5th  week                                       1.50   cror, 6th  week                                       0.97   cror, 7th  week                                       0.81   cror, 8th  week                                       0.21   cror. Copyright © 2020 Research Snipers All rights reserved. Zafar even did the stunts himself without using a body double. noted the trouble in script, but praised the film and commented, "A strong hero, a free spirited heroine, sharp dialogues, fun and light hearted comedy, the picture perfect look, song and dance, and powerful fight sequences".

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