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shinjuku station

There is Studio Alta in the roundabout that left the station, and this area is crowded due to a meeting at a drinking party on the weekend. In Shinjuku, it is part of the Nishi-Shinjuku and Shinjuku districts. The station and other parts of the Toei Ōedo Line are referenced in the Digimon Adventure franchise. Recommended directions, Access from Shinjuku station to Tokyo Disneyland(Resort). Follow the North passage to reach the East exit ticket gate, and follow the Central passage to reach the Central East Exit ticket gate. Shinjuku is served by the following railway systems: The station is centered around facilities servicing the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) lines. Recommended directions, How to get to Harajuku station (Meiji Jingumae station) from Shinjuku station. JR Shinjuku Station is the center, and the Odakyu Line and Keio Line terminals are on the west side. In Shibuya, it is located in the Yoyogi and Sendagaya districts. DAILY: Monday – Friday 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm If you want to go to the South exit, go up the central stairs from the platform and go up the south exit concourse. The Toei Subway is located on the south side and the north side as Shinjuku West Exit Station. Seibu Shinjuku Station is a little far away.JR Shinjuku Station is across the main street. Recommended directions, Summary of the shops that can use the bath, shower to put in the morning near Tokyo station. Each track has platforms on both sides in order to completely separate boarding and alighting passengers. On May 5, 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult attempted a chemical terrorist attack by setting off a cyanide gas device in a toilet in the underground concourse, barely a month after the gas attack on the Tokyo subway which killed 13, left 6,252 people with non-fatal injuries, severely injured 50 people, and caused 984 cases of temporary vision problems. Actually this is inside the JR Shinjuku Station. Go up the stairs at the southern end of the platform to the ground level and use the Lumine Exit ticket gates. Parking and Entrance is through our patio behind our building! Located in the Near Southside of Fort Worth on Magnolia Avenue, friends and family are welcome to come in and unwind with good food, good drinks, and great hospitality. ■ How to get to the South Exit from the JR Lines The tracks from the terminal were on the Kōshū Kaidō highway, which crosses the Yamanote Line and the Chūō Line in front of the south entrance of Shinjuku Station by a bridge. In addition to the Yamanote and Chuo lines, there are many others, including, Sobu Line, Saikyo Line, and Shonan Narita Express.

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