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But new evidence begins to surface that could put Jasiel in jeopardy. Less than a year later, Jasiel defeats incumbent Sutter. He’s just that kind of guy. Or at Least a Few Minutes. The gist of the jokes has been that Quibi sounds like a 30 Rock fiction come to life. Quibi may be built around our second screens, but it tries to turn that second screen into a first. (The first ends with “Parent Trap,” a trap song about … being a parent.) The problem with the dramas is that they all end on a moment of action. It’s a little awkward.” You don’t say. I also enjoyed Dishmantled, a zany show hosted by Tituss Burgess in which a full meal is shot at contestants wearing hazmat suits and blinders, and they have to figure out how to recreate it from the gunk sticking to the walls. What does Quibi want, my undivided attention? This is the same MO as Netflix, but in Quibi’s case it means an almost-cliffhanger is upon you every seven minutes. As soon as we meet the cocky, smarmy Jasiel Correia II in this documentary series, we start rooting for his demise. And when one city landfill closes, it opens the door for upheaval. Yes, this is yet another variation on the enduring “human-hunting” concept. Quibi. It’s too straightforward.) Survivor and When the Street Lights Go Out (the former with Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner) are both stylized and murder-y, and I hated watching them on my phone. Set in the summer of 1995 — cue nostalgia for those happy post-grunge days — the show revolves around the killing of queen-bee Chrissy (Kristine Froseth) and her English teacher-slash-completely inappropriate lover, Mr. Carpenter (Mark Duplass). The show could easily have devolved into celebrity back-patting, but it is insightful and touching. Please keep creepy murder shows out of my literal hands. Admittedly, I started my exploratory binge with one bad choice after another. The implicit assumption of Quibi is that no one has any time anymore, even, say, for a 22-minute sitcom. Jennifer Lopez kickstarts Thanks a Million, which would more properly be titled “Thanks a 50K,” in which celebrities give someone they are grateful to $100,000 of their own money, the one condition being that they pass on half to someone else. The Stranger Review: Quibi Thriller Thinks It's #MeToo But It's Not . Paul Coogan brings experience and age with his ticket. In confronting systemic problems, it also provides a necessary counterbalance to Quibi’s patronizing and at times infuriating “Thanks a Million,” in which celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart and Aaron Rodgers each donate $100,000 to initiate a series of benevolent acts. The only show that uses these near-constant dramatic climaxes to good effect is a comedy, Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson’s Flipped, which leans into the absurdity. A dance battle show between hand-selected street crews, hosted by Ayo and Teo, The Sauce contains great dancing, which the crews have to prep on the spot. Every text I wanted to write back to was a cessation. The series, titled “Run This City,” is set to be featured on a new app streaming service, Quibi. (The fact that almost no one on the planet Earth is spacing out in a waiting room right now is another Quibi punchline.) And yet it is arriving at a moment when a majority of Americans have more time than they had weeks ago—if also, perhaps, even more shredded attention spans. Nominally, the star attraction in this movie is Sophie Turner, who played Sansa on “Game of Thrones.” But the real draw is the effortlessly charismatic Corey Hawkins, from the short-lived “24: Legacy” spinoff. To win $5,000, two cooks must recreate from scratch a dish that has been blown out of a cannon and into their faces. “Dishmantled” is as close as American TV gets to a Japanese game show: preposterous, messy and loud-loud-loud. The big swerves at the end of every episode fit in with what Forte and Olson do best: taking their characters way, way too far. But beyond the art, the series also documents community building. Here’s our trailer for their docuseries Run This City. Survive (scripted) List slides. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. They are the only two who survive their plane’s crash, and they must make their way back to civilization — if they’re lucky, without resorting to cannibalism. It is, instead, expensively competent. Quibi may be built around our second screens, but it tries to turn that second screen into a first one. ‘Run This City’ Watch it here. Why yes, Will Arnett, many times — especially watching “Memory Hole,” your tedious survey of pop-culture train wrecks on the new streaming platform Quibi. For months, Quibi, the phone-based streaming service that launched Monday, has been getting roasted by the small group of people whose professions require them to know about the existence of Quibi. It’s not simply that Quibi doesn’t lend itself to serialization. In Chrissy’s Court, Chrissy Teigen gets to play Judge Judy and has a blast goofing it up: If you like her, the show is charming. Watching on my phone, every notification was an interruption. All rights reserved. You can cancel anytime. Download Now. Yes, the serialized movie squanders four installments to finally get Dodge on the run. 2 / 25. Underneath its glossy exterior, “Survive” is a cheap and efficient B movie, just the way we like ’em. As soon as we meet the cocky, smarmy Jasiel Correia II in this documentary series, we start rooting for his demise. Jasiel refuses to step down, but new candidates and competitors crop up. But when the FBI enters the picture, a federal indictment catches up with Correia. Before the battles, the hosts and judges request that specific moves and technical elements be incorporated, and those same steps are visually highlighted as the dancers perform, giving the dance battle show a nice hint of Top Chef or Project Runway. Amidst a pending federal prosecution, some Fall River residents call for the mayor’s resignation. The fact that it is incredible PR for the celebrities does not mean it won’t make you cry, and the same goes for I Promise, a hagiographic yet moving look at the Akron, Ohio, public school funded by LeBron James. Available Now. All episodes streaming now. If you’re interested in some Quibi guidance, here are my top five Quibis. Here, the California chef Evan Funke, who looks like a soft-spoken extra from “Sons of Anarchy,” investigates obscure pasta shapes in various Italian villages. The brainchild of billionaire boomers Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, it’s predicated on the idea that no one can pay attention any more, so if anything is going to lure the scattered, cellphone-obsessed youth away from the free and varied YouTube content with which they seem generally satisfied, it’s high production values that you can’t really see on a cellphone and the imprimatur of celebrities grandparents have heard of. But Jasiel, deadset on his innocence, carries on business-as-usual for his city. I thought it was predicated on the knowledge that nothing and no one gets that anymore. It’s one of the few shows that really feels like it knows it was shot for an iPhone, by which I mean it doesn’t even try to include the wide shots that will never look good vertically, and it’s extremely claustrophobic as a result. ... And when one city landfill closes, it opens the door for upheaval. Rumors run amuck in Fall River. * Told at a breakneck pace, the show makes its way through the scandal while constantly asking viewers to adjust their perception of Correia , who participated in the series. My absolute favorite—as in, I actually liked it—is Nikki Fre$h, in which Nicole Richie channels her inner Sacha Baron Cohen. Download the Quibi app Download the Quibi app. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. The serialized docs—in addition to I Promise, there’s Lena Waithe’s sneakerhead investigation, You Ain’t Got These, and Run This City, a political doc that’s one of Quibi’s best offerings—are more compelling than the anthologized docs, which either feel like they are scratching the surface, or like there’s not much more than surface to scratch. Club staff logged a lot of screen time on their smartphones to review all the non-daily news shows Quibi offers at launch, and narrow down what’s worth your increasingly abundant free time (look for this icon for your best options). Queen Latifah in “When the Streetlights Go On.”. As first demonstrated in her aughts realty show with Paris Hilton, The Simple Life, Richie is a scamp with a great deadpan. This is among the most life-affirming shows you could find on any platform. Sam Sutter defeats Will Flanagan in a special election. Every episode ends with a music video in which Richie raps and sings about things of interest to the Goop set. (Sadly, Murder House Flip isn’t one. In 2015, Correia was elected mayor of Fall River, Mass., at the ripe age of 23. By 25, Correi became mayor. TV Review: The Quibi Docs Feature Hard Hitting Stories and Fun Entertainment – “Fierce Queens,” “Prodigy,” “Run This City,” & “Shape of Pasta” by Alan French April 8, 2020, 8:44 AM 0 Comments

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