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Get step-by-step instructions in the Roadie mobile app for iOS and Android. The onboarding process involves an online application, background verification and an online app walkthrough. This is what Roadies is all about. All Verified Roadie Drivers must maintain a minimum 4-star rating in the Roadie community, based on feedback from senders on every Gig. Our tours were designed for small groups, so with 11 individual sleep pods on each coach (plus one for the Roadies Tour Manager) it’s the perfect number of people to enjoy a road trip together. Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive a notification to complete the Gig in a timely and neighborly manner. Have you ever experienced Joshua Tree National Park in the morning? Download the App. ©2019 Roadies Coach, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All you have to do is gather your group and climb aboard one of our luxury coaches. Wake up e, We're afraid to say it is a wrap on our tour with, At Roadies, we couldn't be more pleased to be part, Time to explore the #grandcanyon with @collegevaul, How Driving Defines Us: The Future of American Road Trips, SUNSET MAGAZINE: These Vacations by Deluxe Bus Are Hotel-Meets-Road Trip Perfection. Flip 12 would be nice because it’s … Make more money per trip with Roadie. Live humans are ready to help whenever you need it with 24/7 phone, email and online support. It works great, but it’s big, heavy, and doesn’t fit very well in the backseat of my 2019 Altima. Whether it’s once in a while, every day or anything in between, driving with Roadie is the most flexible way to earn money on the side. Welcome to being whisked away on a coach fit for the stars, staying in luxury private residences, having your own private chef and your own personal expert to ensure you and your group have the best possible experience. Our crowdsourced delivery model enables enterprises to quickly launch and scale new delivery services nationwide. Journey B, There’s something magical about a Roadies road t, We’re off on our next adventure. I just joined Roadie early yesterday morning and by the end of the day I had made 7 drops. From item dimensions to pickup and drop-off instructions, you’ll see the details you care about, before you offer. Your privacy matters. Know pickup and delivery details before you offer, Maximize your earnings with multiple Gigs, Contact the sender or recipient with questions, Enjoy 24/7 support by SMS, email or phone, Get weekly direct deposits, or cash-out instantly. No need to entertain. Whether it be a multi-mountain ski trip, a golfing odyssey, a wine and food discovery, or whatever you have longed to do, we’ll make these moments your brightest memories. Roadtrippers will help you find all the best stops along the way. Whether you drive across town or across the country, Roadie is an easy, flexible way to make money driving. Don’t you think it’s time you journey beyond the journey? I love making money with Roadie. Sit back and relax during your drive. Nothing but #joy on a Roadies #roadtrip. Just sign up as a driver, accept Gigs and start driving! Whether you’re a side hustler, student, retiree, or somewhere in between, you’ll love how easy it is to sign up and start earning money, your way. By signing up, I agree to Roadie's Privacy and Terms. Each location brings new scenery and a new set of excursions from which to choose. We do all the planning, thinking and driving for you. In addition to earning cash, Roadie drivers earn roadside discounts on food, drinks, rentals, and repairs. Choose deliveries that fit your schedule and earn an average of $15 per trip for driving locally. Influencer trips, contests, custom experiences. Roadie offers same-day, scheduled and on-demand delivery to meet the needs of your customers. Coming home in between seasons, the flexibility and freedom that Roadie gives me to make money is great for my family. If there are several deliveries in your area, we’ll bundle them into routes so you can make more money in less time. Welcome to the road trip of transformative experiences that have been CAREfully curated for a post-COVID world, so family groups, executives and brands can re-connect, build stronger relationships and grow. Offer on as many Gigs as you like and we’ll let you know when you’re matched. We've recently made changes to our Privacy Policy. Whether you like driving local or long haul, the Roadie app makes it easy to earn cash and rewards. So I go on long road trips pretty often and I’m trying to replace my Roadie 20. Get paid to drive your way, no matter what you drive. To become a Verified Roadie Driver, you must be 18 years old, have a Social Security Number, and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.

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