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Unless you are fishing in a tournament you should always crush the barbs on all treble hooks. When he rose to leave, he tossed the carved scrap of wood into the pond, and a large bass struck at it as it wobbled down through the water. All plugs are made individually, by hand, from start to finish. Many of the identified features can be successfully fished either with the surface popper or sub-surface lure and it has got to be the most exciting way of catching bass. A nice assortment- each is different. Inc. Providence, RI. Typically lures that are 4-7 inches are preferred, but when really big fish are around, lures up 9 inches can be used. Please give us an opportunity to work things out. THE TOP LURE IS BRASS COLORED AND MEASURES 2 1/2" IN LENGTH AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. WEST COAST YELLOWTAIL, YELLOWFIN, AND BLUEFIN FISHING REPORT. This has a treble hook. Add a bead chain on your leader before the lure. However for dedicated plugging the limit of such a rod soon becomes painfully apparent, when after eight hours hopping around a reef or rocks fatigue inevitably sets in and you start to flag. RETURN POLICY: I will accept returns for money back on any item that is gnot represented correctly. You want the business end to remain sub-surface. Now if you are fishing behind a “dummy flasher” the lure needs to be no more than 8 feet from the flasher. Fishing plugs, also known as crankbait or wobblers, are a type of hard-bodied. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, List of harvested aquatic animals by weight,, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A solid or hollow body made out of a light weight material such as. It could be boulders some 50 metres to the left have drawn the fish, or some other feature or naturally occurring giveaway. I do not see any makers name on any of the others. Some areas may experience as short as a 10-minute window frantic bass activity before the fish have moved on. So if the flasher is 12 inches long, then the leader can be 5 feet. If the lure has two treble hooks attach a small piece of bait to the front hook. There are numerous manufacturing companies that produce plugs but the most popular ones in BC are Lyman Lures, Jplugs, and Tomic Lures. PayPal only. I will re-list the item and notify eBay of the non-paying bidder status. CANADA Shipping- $5.95 Flat Rate(combine all your orders and pay only $5.95 for the entire order) 3. INTERNATIONAL Shipping- For all other countries outside of the USA& Canada. BC Fishn’s preferred plug manufacture is by far Lyman Lures as through our experience they always produce results and out fish the other manufactures. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS USE THE SHIPPING CALCULATOR TO GET YOUR. Thank you for looking! Dents, discoloration, chips, rust and overall wear and tear, I DO NOT CLEAN ITEMS, Please see the pictures GLARE OR SHINE CAN BE CAUSED BY CAMERA FLASH Any questions please feel free to ask. If you re not happy for any reason. Remember to set the hook! Buyer pays 2.50 shipping in U.S.A. California buyer pays sales tax. These are 2 1/4" in length. For example if you are fishing a lake where Sockeye fry are abundant you may want to size down your presentation to mimic the fry.

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