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osama bin laden interview

It is I with other Muslim brothers who incite jihad. [6][7], Fisk again interviewed Bin Laden on March 22, 1997; Bin Laden said of his operations at the time "We are still at the beginning of our military action against the American forces. Washington (CNN)Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. God honoured him by granting him the tenders to build the mosques of the holy sites where the Kaaba is, and at the same time he also built the prophet's holy site. America, however, which worships money, believes that people here are of this calibre. OBL: From what I have heard the Taliban denied such reports and said it was untrue, but only God knows the truth. In the investigation it is said that a person from your group has made confessions relating to your organisation and its links to bombings, including the World Trade Centre [in 1993]? Some were killed: six Arabs and one Turk. . In the latter part of the interview, ABC reporter John Miller asks further questions.[21]. He interviewed Bin Laden for the third time for Dawnand Ausaf on 8 November 2001, at an undi… How will the people of Pakistan react to the US mission to get bin Laden? Certain countries in which we have money and properties ordered us to cease aggression against America, but it is our obligation to goad the Umat [Muslim peoples] and thanks to God we continue. Happy birthday @USNavy, — Robert J. O’Neill (@mchooyah) October 13, 2020. Q: Last August 20 when the US air strikes were carried out against Afghanistan it was reported that you were attending a meeting which came under attack and that the air strike was timed to get you. "Shut up" and we will return to you your money. OBL: Well . We need a president for all Americans, not just half of America," he wrote. [1] In the interviews, Bin Laden acknowledges having instigated bombings in Khobar and Riyadh, but denies involvement with both the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the WTC towers in New York. CNN's Paul LeBlanc contributed to this report. Dufour and Yeslam split in … Updated 2055 GMT (0455 HKT) October 20, 2020. . It was not a body double. O’Neill tweeted the message after a video was shared on Twitter, in which former U.S. Air Force veteran and self-described Benghazi whistleblower Nicholas Noe claimed three former CIA directors were aware Bin Laden was living in Iran and was transferred to Pakistan for a “trophy kill” to boost then-President Barack Obama’s reelection chances. OBL: We are continuously thankful to God for I enjoy very excellent health. So Muslims should emigrate somewhere where they can raise the symbol of Jihad and protect their religion and world, otherwise they will lose everything. Will this cause you major discomfort? We demand that our land be liberated from enemies. His impression of bin Laden was that he is "a phenomenon, extreme". They were a burden on us and on the mujahideen in Afghanistan, for we were performing our obligations in protecting Islam in Afghanistan even though this obligation of ours was at times serving, though without our consent, interests of America. Asked by Cuomo to address Trump’s involvement in retweeting references to other claims about the Bin Laden raid, O’Neill said the president has access to the classified information, including photographic and DNA documentation that O’Neill and his team did take down Bin Laden’s compound and that Bin Laden was killed. He first interviewed Bin Laden for the Daily Pakistan in March 1997, in a cave of Tora Bora mountains in eastern Afghanistan. OBL: What I seek is what is right for any living being. Despite this I maintain that its allegations are false, unless it means that I am involved in inciting and goading them, which is very clear and to which I confess at all times. Trump. Rob O'Neill, the U.S. Navy SEAL who has claimed credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, took to Twitter on Tuesday to push back on a theory shared by President Donald Trump, that the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden was staged and that a Bin Laden body double was killed in the raid. But if the prosecutor is the United States, then we too can become prosecutors and charge her with many things that it has committed in the land of Muslims. Coming up in the next {{countdown}} {{countdownlbl}}. [he smiles] our connections are rife in the entire Muslim world, be it in Pakistan, Yemen or anywhere else. "I didn't even think it … How true are these reports? Obviously, you know, as a senior retired military officer these are challenging times and there's a little bit of an unwritten rule that senior officers don't come out and endorse a candidate," McRaven said on "The Lead." Are you part of it or do you function independently but from Afghan territory? Chadored children danced in front of him, preachers acknowledged his wisdom" while noting that he was accused of "training for further jihad wars". Former special ops commander says he's voting for Biden. [4], During one of Fisk's interviews with Bin Laden, Fisk noted an attempt by Bin Laden to convert him. And on some days he was able to perform three of his daily prayers in three of the holiest sites. The Holy Kaaba is an honour to die and defend. The Daily Ummat interviewed Osama bin Laden on September 28, 2001, weeks after the September 11 attacks on the United States. So the Americans would be lying if they claim they had supported us. In this interview, Osama bin Laden exhibits an understanding of US foreign policy. Cuomo Prime Time tweeted, “A former Navy Seal who was there when American forces killed Osama Bin Laden debunks the false conspiracy theory about the raid which was pushed by Pres. This was a decision from the head of believers. Fisk replied; "Sheikh Osama, I am not a Muslim. Do you expect a trial in accordance with laws used by Taliban and the Islamic Sharia? OBL: These men left the world and came to these mountains and land, leaving their families, fathers and mothers. [25][26][27][28], "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace", The Independent, 6 December 1993, "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace", "Bin Laden Interviews with Western Media",, "Osama bin Laden: The godfather of terror? During Yusufzai's late-night conversation, bin Laden appeared to be in good health, though he admitted to a sore throat and a bad back. Q: What are your end objectives and what message would you like to make to the Islamic world in general? They have seen us struggle with social injustice. ", In another article published in The Washington Post in 2018, McRaven wrote: "A good leader sets the example for others to follow.". Ever since I can recall I felt at war with the Americans and had feelings of animosity and hate towards them. Q: Going back to the previous question of you and the CIA and American support for the war against the Soviets . Should there be further attacks against Afghanistan, will there be physical retaliation against the attackers and in what form will it come? As I said in the past, we missed a great honour in that we were not involved in the killings of Americans in Riyadh. The interview tends to demystify the Osama bin Laden persona. "Truth be told, I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, small-government, strong-defense and a national-anthem-standing conservative," McRaven wrote in a, "It was a difficult decision... to announce that I was voting. Bin Laden’s statements in this interview are markedly different from those made in the alleged Osama video tapes. He is an enemy of ours whether he fights us directly or merely pays his taxes. In 1996, Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of the London-based pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi interviewed bin Laden. We challenge them to provide evidence supporting such claims. The international crusaders and the Jewish Zionist alliance headed by America, Britain and Israel. Any aggression by America today against Afghanistan should not be seen as mere aggression against Afghanistan itself, but should be seen as an aggression against Afghanistan the carrier of the real and truest Islam in the Muslim world, the one waging Jihad in the name of the Islamic world. We are in a state that has a prince of believers and we are obliged under the Sharia to obey him. Following the absence of jihad from our Umat for such a long time we acquired a generation of people seeking education who had not experienced the reality of jihad, and they have been influenced by the American culture and media invasion that stormed the Muslim countries. Q: What kind of relationship is there between you and the Taliban. Bin Laden’s statements in this interview are markedly different from those made in the alleged Osama video tapes. Those who believe that such attacks [against Iraq] will terrorise the Islamic movements are deluding themselves. Terrorist leader takes credit for one of America's most tragic days. Those who carried out the jihad in Afghanistan did more than was expected of them because with very meagre capacities they destroyed the largest military force [the Soviet army] and in doing so removed from our minds this notion of stronger nations. I was a few hundred kilometres away. ", "They have been witness to our dismissiveness, our lack of respect and our transactional approach to global issues. "[8][9] Also during the final interview in 1997, Bin Laden said he sought God's help "to turn America into a shadow of itself".[10]. Thank you Mr. President. Bin Laden said; "Mr Robert, one of our brothers had a dream...that you were a spiritual person ... this means you are a true Muslim". These living beings have been given an inner sense that rejects any intrusions [of their lands] by outsiders. Q: Do you think that the British-American attacks against Iraq will increase the popularity of uprising people against America, or will such attacks subdue them into desisting from any actions militarily or otherwise against the US and its interests? But, with the grace of God, we have established with a large number of our brothers in the International Islamic Front to confront Jews and the crusaders. It has no evidence. Times Internet Limited. Noe goes on in the video to speculate whether Bin Laden was actually present during the May 2, 2011 raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Q: A reward of $5 million has been placed for your arrest or information leading to your arrest by the Americans. Mon 8 Oct 2001 07.55 EDT. What is wrong with resisting the aggressor. A people that regards its president in high favour when he kills innocent people is a decadent people with no understanding of morality.

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