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mother and child henry moore

- Detail of Signature 2 (in Studio), Post Con. ’It may be my last work, and I want to give it the feel of having a religious connotation'. HENRY MOORE, TWO WOMEN WITH CHILDREN, 1945.ESTIMATE: £250,000—350,000. The Henry Moore Foundation is an arts charity established by the artist in 1977 to promote sculpture in general and Henry Moore's work in particular. From Scotland to Saudi Arabia, his bronze and slate-coloured hulks brood over the landscape like monoliths from an earlier era, presiding over our global disasters with a prophetic power.Moore… When Henry Moore died in 1986, he left a legacy of primeval public monuments across the world. During the Second World War Moore's interpretation of the theme emphasised the mother… Please also contact us if you spot any mistakes. The text on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, unless otherwise noted. Some fifty years after having carved this work he was to reflect "there are two particular motives or subjects which I have constantly used in my sculpture...they are the Reclining Figure idea and the Mother and Child idea. He petitioned Parliament on their non-intervention and even tried to travel to the country as part of a delegation of artists and writers that included Auden and Spender, but he was refused a travel permit by the British government. The text on this page is licensed under a, All Getty Research Institute Publications, Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter, GCI Reference Collection (for materials analysis), Research Assistance at GCI Information Center, Links to Cultural Heritage Policy Documents, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. 130-33, no. He had already rejected tradition, preferring non-Western art over classical figures of the Renaissance and the Graeco-Romans, and Girl with Clasped Hands, made the year after his marriage, is clearly inspired by an ancient Sumerian sculpture he had written about after visiting the British Museum. Post Con. The horizontal form's hollows and curves, tarnished and hatched to emphasize depth, partly transform the figure into a glimmering, rolling landscape. [Skip to quick links] Criticism of the more abstract works on view fuelled the controversy which was to lead to Moore resigning from his teaching post at the Royal College of Art. Despite his continued interest in this subject, the sculptor resisted attaching any specific or symbolic meaning to it. Following his arrival in London as a student in 1921, Moore had become fascinated with non-Western art, mainly as a result of his numerous visits to the British Museum. D. Mitchinson, Henry Moore, Sculpture with Comments by the Artist, London 1981, p. 90). All Rights Reserved. ), sold to Fran and Ray Stark, April 3, 1985. on loan from the Henry Moore Foundation. The Ray Stark Revocable Trust, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum. Perhaps of the two the Mother and Child has been the more fundamental obsession" (ed. The eyes, hands and breasts of Girl with Clasped Hands evoke primitive sculpture, especially through the positive/negative switch Moore made by drilling holes into the breasts where the nipples should have been. A rich, golden surface, punctuated by bright highlights and dark caverns, enhances the sculpture's warm, protective quality. The British Council Collection includes sculptures, paintings, prints and sketches by the artist, and for many years his bronze sculpture Large Spindle Piece (1974) sat on a plinth outside their headquarters on The Mall in London.

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