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The "Fitness Nook" is presumably where he stores a Bow-Flex or something. We can also deduce, assuming he sleeps on this bed with the bizarre jump ramp thing at the end of it, that Lando regularly needs to see a chiropractor and can't figure out the source of the trouble. Exterior and interior design of Millennium Falcon . By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider We never see Han or Lando shift so it's presumably an automatic. It's been called everything from a "piece of junk" to "garbage," but the Millennium Falcon has never failed its crew through the deepest reaches of the galaxy. SWTOR Smuggler Ship Original image: [link] Original stock from Bioware -------------------------------- I... XS Stock Light Freighter, Deck plan for a YT-1300 Light Freighter, based on the Millennium Falcon. First off look at the walls, which all have dust-collecting crevices. Notice that there's no way to get to the damn thing without climbing all over the "Patent Leather." Maybe they have curved spines and soft skulls. He said it's not entirely a realistic rendering of modern spacecrafts, but that's OK. "The science borrows from our reality but is in no way beholden to it," Remillard said. Then there's the guest bunk. Z. The detail is incredible, down to the hyperdrive initiation lever. We spoke with Remillard on how the image came together (including how he gained access to Lucasfilm's top-secret, 3D blueprints of the Falcon). The file size was roughly 1,000 times that of the printed page, allowing him to include details that almost can't be seen with the naked eye. Why make nice, smooth walls when you can put up ones that take you eleven times as long to clean. We spoke with Remillard on how the image came together (including how he gained access to Lucasfilm's top-secret, 3D blueprints of the Falcon). The Falcon, or at least Remillard's reimagining of it, is definitely cool. What the EFF. Bright Horizon Deck Plans, Ship art Page 168 Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG FFG Community - Star Wars Ships - Ideas of Star Wars Ships #starwars #ships #starwarships - Ship art Page 168 Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG FFG Community. I bet no one takes the time to do this and the insides of those grooves are all sticky. Lastly, it's no secret why we never saw the bathroom on this ship. Those are there so that when you spill a glass of orange juice, the fluid will run through those channels. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Core77 is supported by its audience. "The Falcon is probably one of the most mythologized fictional space ships ever and I wanted to make sure my version lived up to the standard set by generations of fans," he said. Pete Schirmer. I don't have the full back story, but from what I gather, Lando Kardashian has turned this younger iteration of the ship into a sort of party boat/bachelor pad. Also, it has a padded top, bottom and sides, presumably to protect a sleeping occupant during turbulence in planetary skies. I've evaluated his design choices and from a functional standpoint, they stink. So the designers were like, "We want to protect you from bumping into surfaces immediately adjacent to you, but have no problem with you being thrown free of the berth altogether." Even if the person next to you wanted to talk to you, hearing them might be tough since there's a freaking omnidirectional speaker directly behind you. The Millennium Falcon is also a Correllian Freighter, and we've never actually seen what a Correllian looks like. "The Falcon source material pointed to it being here, but in the movie it's not exactly clear.". Your morning cheat sheet to get you caught up on what you need to know in tech. We have six dogs. Those hangers aren't topped with hooks, but enclosed loops. "The spacecraft in 'Star Wars' are supposed to excite our imagination and hold true to what I like to call the 'rule of cool,' which means, concepts have to be cool above all other concerns.". Fresh interviews weekly. Test it out; it only takes a single click to unsubscribe, By creating a Core77 account you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. Peter Carrasquillo. You can't play the "human factors" card when critiquing an object that isn't exclusively used by humans. He simply wanted to answer the question, "Where does the crew eat aboard the Falcon?". But there's no safety rail preventing you from falling out of the thing and landing on that nice metal table below. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...". "I really wanted to put in a solve that shows where Lando pops out of the Falcon to save Luke as he's dangling from the bottom of Cloud City in 'The Empire Strikes Back,'" Remillard said. Sign up to 10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today. In theory, this vehicle could be inhabited by one of a hundred alien species, each with their own anatomical and cultural needs. So when you go to clean it up it's not just a matter of wiping the edges, but crumpling up a paper towel and getting into those grooves, too. He's kind of a sleaze so you don't want look at this room with a black light. Our website uses cookies to enhance the site operation and understand traffic and website performance. I was born in NYC and figured I’d die there, but a few years ago I abandoned New York to live on a farm in the countryside with my wife. It's because the co-pilot is this guy: What do you think that shower drain, or even a bar of soap, looks like after this lousy Wookiee gets out of the shower? When the art editor of "Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections" — a book series dedicated to dissecting the galaxy's vehicles — approached Remillard about illustrating the "Force Awakens" book edition, the artist admitted to us that he was scared of one ship in particular. come on bro, closed loop hangers, and upholstered head supports are critical if the artificial gravity generator ever goes on the fritz. FAIL. as well as other partner offers and accept our. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections, Lando pops out of the Falcon to save Luke, These photos of 'Star Wars' ships on Earth are mesmerizing. Look closely at the closet rods and the hangers. Moving on to the galley, the kitchen island has pronounced waterfall edges, which will inevitably lead to broken crockery and glassware. The people in this universe have figured out hyperdrive technology, but haven't worked out the utility of a hook versus a loop? "I was let in on some details about the movie that would affect the look and feel of the new vehicle's background," Remillard said, such as wear and tear on the Falcon. I could go off on the cockpit too, but I can't accurately criticize the UI as I don't really know how a craft like this is controlled. Here one design choice in particular makes no sense: This circular bench that has a soundsystem speaker protruding from the hub. At least five other people sit on the bench and all feel compelled to do the same thing, everyone facing outwards, no one socializing, and one of you idiots is facing a wall. Im looking at starting with a 100pts list and working up to a 150pts list, just so I can fit in plenty o... "It was always kind of a mystery to me and here I am 40 years later actually having to solve that problem.”, Star Wars the Old Republic concept art- SWTOR Corellian xs stock light freighter scoundrel falcon, General Discussion and Debate - Millennium Falcon found on ocean floor? [1253 layer Photoshop collage. "Once I finally got to see the ['The Force Awakens'], I was happy to see a scene where Finn picks it up and then tosses it aside," Remillard said. One of his favorites is a hatch on the top of the Falcon. Over at this console, look at this chair off to the side: Why is the underside of the headrest upholstered? I have to get on my knees and awkwardly lean over the back of the banquette to get the A/C going? A holochess table, used for playing the classic strategy game Dejarik, also makes an appearance in Remillard's illustration. But, Star Wars doesn't take place in the future. He also discovered that the First Order had learned from previous Imperial mistakes and installed hyperdrives in its SFX Tie Fighter vehicles. ?? I will say, however, that the "Hyperdrive Controls" look like the first thing someone learns to make in an Intro to the Lathe class. And folks, there's a reason why you only see circular benches in public places: They're meant for strangers to sit on as it's impossible to make eye contact with seat sharers. The three inches around the perimeter are unusable as a surface, meaning all of that extra mass is a complete waste of materials. Look at the fluting cut into the skirt of the countertop. More on the shitty design of this bunk--are the contours of the sleeping surface designed to give you scoliosis?

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