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You love expressing your creative side, though you also harbor a hidden talent for physical activities (if you enjoyed being around people more, you'd even join a sports team). We tend to have similar insights on how to solve a problem, or what something means. Edit: To be clear, I'm not assuming Daria or Jane do have disorders, I'm just interested to see if there is anything that might apply. All are my opinion, blah blah. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Full Name Daria's sister Quinn and her friends have a similar aversion to Jane, though they seem to find her somewhat interesting because of her punkish appearance and artistic sense. Student at Lawndale HighArtist Jane and Tom remain casual friends.[2]. After the end, Tom admitted they'd just been getting bored of each other. Esteemsters Signifcant Other(s) Stay unique. Jane and Trent were the only two Lanes residing in the Lane household for the duration of the series. In "The Daria Diaries", she early on described Jane as "snide, resentful, and anti-social. Though she can also be sarcastic, she truly does care about Daria and does treasure their friendship. Despite her history of deliberately isolating people and walling herself off, she almost immediately befriended Jane after the girl showed a similar cynical sense of humour. Trent is a perpetually lazy grunge rock musician who performs in the garage band Mystik Spiral (a running joke being that the band are always seemingly thinking about changing the name, but never do); Penny, a disillusioned backpacker with a fondness for animals; Wind, an emotionally damaged three-time divorcé and Summer, a worn-out mother of four, including Jane's niece Courtney and nephew Adrian. Change ), Peter Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia), Professor George Challenger (The Lost World), Shuya Nanahara (Battle Royale) – could be ENFP, President Coriolanus Snow (The Hunger Games), Simon ‘Sick Boy’ Williamson (Trainspotting), Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) – possible ESTJ, Dr Juliet Miller (Shallow Grave) – (NB hard to type! He takes weird things in stride, like being in a band with physical Holidays or strangers in his house. He never wears a watch since he's always late, so watches depress him. Edit: To be clear, I'm not assuming Daria or Jane do have disorders, I'm just interested to see if there is anything that might apply. Believe it or not, last year marked 20 years since it premiered! Jane's coupon is for Scissor Wizard, a hair salon which Jane initially mistakes for being a scissor store based on the name. When Jane submitted a painting for an art contest, her art teacher found it conventionally beautiful-unitl she read the morbid poem Daria wrote to accompany it. Later, Jane attends the modeling class with her and Daria as audience members to keep an eye on Quinn where they see Trent walk in to possibly meet some of the models and witness Brittany crying due to not having modeling body type. ( Log Out /  The day turns out to be brighter though as they run into Quinn and the rest of the Fashion Club who cut class to come to the mall with Daria blackmailing Quinn into giving the two of them a ride home in exchange for keeping quiet about it. By the events of the show's pilot episode Esteemsters, Jane was a sophomore at Lawndale High, as well as a lonely artist who kept to herself and had taken (and purposely failed) Timothy O'Neill's Self-Esteem class six times. In the tie-in book The Daria Diaries, Jane's motto is quoted as being "every cloud has a smoky gray lining". Jane is rarely shown interacting with anyone her own age, but from what has been seen, most of her classmates seem a little intimidated by her. She is initially offered a chance to be a professional model due to her unique appearance, but quickly shoots it down by showing the two modeling representatives Claude and Romonica DeGregory a picture she drew of them as vultures feeding off of helpless students. Later, as the two of them enjoy pizza, they conclude that college sucks, but that it has certain benefits. Jane and Tom hung out with Daria, if only to keep her involved, but this turned out to be a major mistake. Female Later, she helps Daria as they go around selling chocolate bars to raise money to build a new coffee house, only to run into Mrs. Johansen and refuse to sell her any due to her obesity and hypoglycemia. Early history about Jane's life that was revealed during the show is scarce, but there are a few facts that were confirmed by Jane herself. High intelligencePersuasionManipulation Jane eventually reveals to Daria that due to taking the class so many times, she knows all the answers to final test necessary to get out of the class and helps her convince Mr. O'Neill to let them take the test early. Jane came to our house on a Sunday to help us. You are loving and supportive, and you can always be counted on to lend an ear or a few encouraging words to someone in need. Similarly, while Daria is a bookworm, Jane is an obvious doodlebug. RunningArtWatching Sick Sad WorldEating pizza with Daria She is an aspiring artist and has created many unusual paintings, … He writes about broken hearts, destruction, and "the tortured human condition" to a "ludicrous degree" but he doesn't view the world with an inherent longing light. Eventually with the following development of Tom kissing Daria, Tom and Jane agreed the relationship had run its course. Janie Jane also has a dislike for mathematics. ... and magnetic personality. (Antisocial Climbers). StudentArtist She also has a vague interest and substantial talent for running, which she usually does when overwhelmed. ( Log Out /  A post which satisfies two nerdy interests at the same time - Myers Briggs types (MBTI) and making lists about fictional characters. That's literally the sexiest possible type combination, in my opinion. She first appears talking with Daria about Daria's partnering with Kevin for the science project and how to possibly deal with it. You're smart and intuitive with a dry, biting wit. Which Music Festival Fits Your Beauty Style? Jane Lane is a fictional character who appeared regularly on the MTV cartoon show Daria, voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria Morgendorffer (best friend)Tom Sloane (ex-boyfriend)Jodie LandonMichael MackenzieTrent LaneKevin ThompsonBrittany Taylor During the events of Esteemsters, Jane meets Daria after Daria is transferred into Timothy O'Neill's Self-Esteem class. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. Jane Lane (The Lane Group) is/are the most professional people I have worked with. When Tom and Daria kissed, Jane refused to speak to either of them for the entire summer. Hobby By the way, do you know who Jane Lane is? Jane has a fairly punk look, and unlike Daria, she wears make-up, but in a punkish style with dark lipstick. In the episode "Anti-Social Climbers", it is revealed that Jane hates blue M&M's. She serves as a more outgoing and likable counterpart to Daria's closed-off, combative worldview. Daria and Jane become friends as soon as they meet. Though Jane was never portrayed as not being intelligent, she was definitely not as "book-smart" as Daria or Tom. All of these failed after 1 episode. JavaScript is disabled. There is also an MBTI type … Jane Lane is a fictional character who appeared regularly on the MTV cartoon show Daria, voiced by Wendy Hoopes.[1]. Before Daria's babysitting job begins, Jane gives her advice for tough situations involving a game called Cemetery, where the goal is to lie absolutely still and the person who moves first loses. At some point before the start of the show, she babysat the four kids of her oldest sibling Summer (including Courtney and Adrian) before "they got old enough to run away."

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