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invulnerable in a sentence

There's an enormous panorama, a veritable cornucopia, of Xbox cheats out there, from hidden characters to unlockable costumes to mystery weapons to invulnerability to instant access to all areas of the game. Invulnerable in a sentence. The incorruptible wanted to ship. I think of it as remaining invulnerable, something you taught me. 2. Wiki User Answered . 2010-07-07 21:49:00 2010-07-07 21:49:00. But you’re not invulnerable. How to use invulnerable in a sentence. He became an insane vigilante, taking on the nearly invulnerable mob killer Walter among others. Invulnerable; You will be invulnerable. A manager, unless he feels as invulnerable as 007, will rarely be so naive as to make the approach himself. The police officer knew he could die any day because he was not invulnerable. (25) Her feminism has to do with making yourself the most attractive, (26) To declare enthusiasm for feminist ideals is almost a new mode of macho, a way to flaunt an, (27) Continuing deterrent credibility would, in future, depend upon Britain's known ability to retaliate with an, (28) But some accidents happen because of their egocentric tendency to think of themselves as, (29) What enemies can I fight successfully and which one are, (30) Uncertain face detection is solved by heuristic algorithm, which is. Because the teen thought he was invulnerable and incapable of getting hurt, he decided to jump off the roof of his parents’ house. 0. : 3: And unlike radio-controlled aircraft, rockets were all but invulnerable to jamming or interception. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and : 34. , According to the comic book, the invulnerable superhero cannot be hurt by bullets. However, I feel as though there is a way we can design a system that is, For more than 10 years, the judiciary have been under fire from the media and some politicians, but appeared, I mean, not everyone wakes up one morning to find themselves, With fear of death and fear of pain unplugged, they are in a sense, He has chosen the perfect target for the most, Because they are so high off the ground, their drivers feel, If it's the case that one side's military forces are more or less, In fact, this is only true if, by election of an MP, he or she is made, Diminished sight has rendered me virtually, The anti-heroic stance has nothing to do with being infallible or superhuman or, He could just have been a sore loser who'd met an opponent coldly, It doesn't matter if the human heavy tank can make itself, A chancellor who had carried all before him, and managed to ride roughshod over the rest of the cabinet no longer seemed, Masten also pointed out that even the most basic of human adaptational systems are not, None the less, it is gullible to believe that Italians are, The missile reportedly can hit targets beyond a range of 700 kilometers and is, So they, like flamenco, are part of a tradition, The age of sexting is as addictive as the age of the hot pants if you believe yourself to be, This impressive record of political consolidation, however, does not leave it, Instead we should view promises, and other people's rights, as of such towering importance that they are basically, Certainly no champion in history was as all-conquering, as, Its strategic position at the head of the Adriatic made Venetian naval and commercial power almost, Achilles' heel was the only part of his body which was not, Their love is legendary, powerful, and unique, but not, Ultimately, Ronald Reagan's Space Defense Initiative program bankrupted the Soviet Union when it attempted to make its missiles, But for himself, it was clear, he was prepared at all points and, The darts of calamity may assail her on every side, but she is, Besides, both men early established on their cheeks an, The paint was supposed to have supernatural virtue and caused an object to become invisible or, Since you'll be made of my thoughts, you'll be, Yet the old man's confidence in the young man's acumen was, Bulstrode's sickly body, shattered by the agitations he had gone through since the last evening, made him feel abjectly in the power of this loud, With all its power, it found itself outfought by this compact body of picked men, who were young, zealous, well-handled, and protected by a most. , Because the teen thought he was invulnerable and incapable of getting hurt, he decided to jump off the roof of his parents’ house. sentence; 1: He might have been called the invulnerable dwarf of the fray. Examples of invulnerable in a sentence. Invulnerable sentence examples. Use "invulnerable" in a sentence. Siegfried bathed in the blood of heals in g g healing the dragon he slew and thus became invulnerable; the blind emperor Theodosius recovered his sight when a grateful serpent laid a precious stone upon his eyes; Cadmus and his wife were turned into serpents to cure human ills.

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