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inferno (1980 cast)

Primeramente, pretende basarse más en su historia para mantener al espectador. Inferno is a 1980 Italian supernatural horror film written and directed by Dario Argento, and starring Irene Miracle, Leigh McCloskey, Eleonora Giorgi, Daria Nicolodi, and Alida Valli. Rose suspects that she is living Mater Tenebrarum's building, and writes to her brother Mark, a music student in Rome, urging him to visit her. As with most dark fairy tales, it's only ever death and loss. Words pump through buildings like blood through veins. I really liked this as it obviously has the same camera effects and work as Suspiria with having the same director. The story has so much to offer and I was digging every angle up until the brother shows up in NY. The black gloves into the supernatural abyss! '"[6] Working from Nicolodi's original story notes, Argento wrote the screenplay while staying in a New York hotel room with a view of Central Park.[3]. Eso, naturalmente, no es malo pero el problema yace en que la historia no logra ser interesante y el cambio de protagonistas continuo (que per sé no debería ser una mala idea) no la ayuda demasiado. Mobile site. [3], Nicolodi devised the original story concept but received no on-screen credit for her work on the screenplay. Easy. There's always an ache of regret when this happens, yet at the same time it's like restorative magick. Argento's brushstrokes bathe every scene in colourful beauty. Eleonora Giorgi. The written word is power and books on public display become justification for murder in the wrong hands. Giallo pushed into an ocean of dream! Nicolodi explained that she did not seek credit because "having fought so hard to see my humble but excellent work in Suspiria recognized (up until a few days before the première I didn't know if I would see my name in the film credits), I didn't want to live through that again, so I said, 'Do as you please, in any case, the story will talk for me because I wrote it. The actor agreed, and when he walked onto the set the following day he observed "three rows of plexiglass in front of everything and everyone is wearing hard hats. How it…. For a movie that supposedly makes no sense, every single shot is perfectly planned to the last detail by an artist who meticulously paints every brush stroked sequence with intense beauty, and with Inferno, we’re treated to a cornucopia of lecherous madness, perversely displayed in a grandiose tapestry of absurd supernatural perfection. After the police arrive, he walks out of Sara's apartment and sees a taxi slowly driving by. The book, written by an alchemist named Varelli, tells of three evil sisters who rule the world with sorrow, tears, and darkness, and dwell inside separate homes that had been built for them by the alchemist. [4][7] Sacha Pitoëff's death scene was filmed on location in Central Park during the summer of 1979. © Letterboxd Limited. Overshadowed by Suspiria on the left and Tenebre on the right, Inferno is an absurd masterpiece of visual perfection. There are passages of this film that are the purest expressions of visual poetry, on par with the best of Malick or Tarkovsky. SUSPIRIA had done such good business for its distributor, 20th Century Fox, that they decided to finance a loose sequel by Argento. [3], Bava also provided some second unit direction for the production. Lots of colors. Trying to find her way out, Sara becomes lost in the library basement and finds a room filled with boiling cauldrons. The producer assured the actor: "It'll be absolutely safe". "[8], Dario Argento chose progressive rocker Keith Emerson to compose Inferno's soundtrack because he "wanted a different sort of score [from that by Italian prog group Goblin on Suspiria], a more delicate one". Maybe that's hyperbolic, but if you watch it you'll understand. In the back seat of the vehicle is the music student, staring at him intently. [3], During the film's production, Argento became stricken with a severe case of hepatitis---and had to direct some sequences while lying on his back. "[24], Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural, "Waxwork Records Releasing Three Great Dario Argento Soundtracks on Vinyl", "Inferno Review. When I was a kid, I used to read horror movie books all the time because we didn’t have any internet. Staircases and cracked doors and fractured glass, luminous and dangerous colors, candelabras and cats, too. Disappointingly, the story feels aimless for long stretches and never settles on a protagonist. I'm the only guy standing on the other side of this! More details at A curious girl looks for a key; drops her keys, then finds a key in a secret flooded room under a basement. ... Rose Elliot. "[1] In 2013, Time Out compiled a list of the 100 greatest horror films ever made based on the top ten lists of over one hundred film directors, screenwriters, and critics, and Inferno was listed as #92; in the resulting critical commentary for the film, Nigel Floyd wrote, "Horror cinema at its most baroque: a simple libretto is embroidered with elaborate, flowing camera movements, abstract blocks of colour, unsettling sound effects and soundtrack composer Keith Emerson’s thunderous rock variations on Verdi...Argento’s best work is far behind him, but this alone justifies his cult reputation. It's more than made up by the fact that Inferno is a film that one can truly experience as a waking dream. Cast (in credits order) verified as complete. A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, Chris Vandenberg 1,000 films 4,991 94 Edit. But then there's the plot, which goes beyond "comically incoherent" and into "hallucinogenic/oh god what did I take" territory. If this is what your whiffs look like,…. I’ve often said that one day Inferno will be my favorite Argento film, and that day may be here because I love it just as much as Suspiria. Best town in da woild.) Ever. Attempting to put out the flames, she becomes entangled in burning draperies and falls from a window to her death. [11] When Argento reviewed Emerson's progress he did not initially recognize the remix, but was later pleased to discover it was used for Sara's taxi ride. Debris crashes down on the fiend, destroying her. The visuals are very Argento. The opening water scene being the best example. Dario Argento's films have always been so visually appealing to me but so just uninteresting most of the time which is probably why I appreciate Lucio Fulci with his more grungy and gorey style. [15] The film grossed a total of 1,331,763,000 Italian lire domestically. [3] Some of the cityscape views seen in Inferno were actually tabletop skyscrapers built by Bava out of milk cartons covered with photographs. If ever there was a film that you don't want to pay attention to beyond the visuals, this is it. However, the man provides no information. Jens Åge Jakobsen 5,162 films 1,303 15 Edit, Does it take you an hour to pick a movie? Corpses underwater. This is a technique that may have been borrowed from Italian opera, but without the music, it loses some of its panache. Argento with no context. [4] As the title suggests, Suspiria focused on Mater Suspiriorum; the evil sister featured in Inferno is Mater Tenebrarum. This movie rules. Inferno is no Suspiria, but it sure does expand on the beauty of the previous film. In other terms, every image will haunt the inner voids of your mind for the rest of your life. The cinematography was by Romano Albani, and Keith Emerson composed the film's musical score. "[22] But several critics have praised the film. Friendly reminder: Don’t fuck with Witches. The following morning, Mark asks Kazanian, the antique dealer who sold Rose The Three Mothers, about his sister's whereabouts. A young man returns from Rome to his sister's satanic New York apartment house. [citation needed]In 2018, Waxwork Records released the complete soundtrack on a double LP. At that point, some phony mechanical rats were attached to him for closeups. It’s the quiet, contemplative Suspiria even though there’s a part where a guy tries to drown a bag of cats and gets just absolutely wrecked by rats and shouts “Rats are eating me!” before getting killed by a butcher who has nothing to do with anything else in the movie and just seemed excited to get to kill somebody. Tom Hooper should’ve gone this direction with Cats.

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