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hakaishin blazblue

'Hakaishin', the title of this chapter, is a reference to the song 'Hakaishin' from the Blazblue: Central Fiction soundtrack. After freeing herself from the control of Izanami, Nine used Purgatorium as a location to test the strengths of the Chosen who had been absorbed into the Embryo.She took nearly all the Chosen to this location to fight them, and pointed them to Izanami afterwards; as this happened during a Continuum Shift, these possibilities were erased.. “Aww… does Susan want to talk too?” Mara popped up below Susanoo, and dragged him halfway into his own shadow. He is a playable character in the BlazBlue series. By meeting certain conditions while playing Arcade Mode, the player will get an additional battle against a certain unlimited character. It apparently possesses the ability to negate Magic Formula as well. Since Chronophantasma, unlimited characters’ portraits have reversed lighting, an eerie purple glow behind them, and glowing eyes. Hakumen then goes to the Kiln to defend the entrance leading to the Boundary. He attempts to kill everyone present, as he has no further use for them, but the Emperor appears, telling him to back off. Then, through the unit’s special eyes, he is able to observe what is happening in the same place, but in a different time-line. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? His attitude can come off to others as prideful, stubborn, and even arrogant, occasionally getting him into issues with his comrades when he refuses to cooperate with them and tries to handle things on his own. Trinity Glassfille (トリニティ=グラスフィール Toriniti Gurasufīru), also known as Platinum the Trinity (白金の錬金術師(プラチナ=ザ=トリニティ) Purachina za Toriniti, Platinum Alchemist), was a member of the Six Heroes, who had her soul sealed within the Arch-Enemy Event Weapon, Thundering Roar: Muchōrin. Even though he considers Ragna his greatest opponent, since BlazBlue: Continuum Shift he has put aside their rivalry for the sake of the greater good. Their cooperation has a shaky start, but eventually, their efforts pay off, and the Black Beast is repelled for the first time. Hades: Izanami then appears alongside Phantom and Hakumen attempts to attack her, only for it to be completely ineffective since she is incapable of feeling time. Jumping ahead of me, Sam caught Mara. Centralfiction does not have an option to select unlimited characters, however. Control a deeper, darker fighting experience than ever before. There are no hidden bosses in Chronophantasma games. They meet Terumi again, free from his bindings, when a closed Kiln suddenly opens. Honoring the request of Celica, he goes to the monolith to destroy it. Ahead of us, Mara popped out of Susanoo’s shadow. I don't know why, but I have this fixation on making my Author's Notes three paragraphs, but the thing is, I never know what to talk about in the third paragraph, so just pretend I put something meaningful here. As a result, many of their balance changes to their base versions in both games do not carry over to shared attacks. Hakumen traveled alone, chasing after the Beast’s trails. Rachel tells him to stop Terumi, which might involves killing Noel Vermillion if worst comes to worst. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] Rule the Night! Hakumen is a samurai-esque warrior wielding a sword around as tall as he is and wearing a mask that completely hides his face. However, Clavis said that there was still time before he would be presented with the choice to stand up or not. He tells her to take off her mask, so he can see her face, and tells her an old tale about himself, though leaves out the name of those in the story. “Die.” He slashed, sending a wave of wind mixed with lightning towards us. “MY NAME IS TAKEHAYA SUSANOO-NO-MIKOTO!! “EVERYTHING SHALL BE BROUGHT DOWN BY MY ROAR!! Hakumen confronts Ragna the Bloodedge at the Gate. Due to the disadvantage of being near the Kiln, both Hakumen and Jūbei are overwhelmed by Terumi. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above. In his story, he inadvertently led the girl he loved to her demise through his arrogance and conceitedness. His long silver hair is tied at the mane. There's actual depth in my reference for once. He theorized the white knight either accomplished that feat through pure will, or through a third party, but concluded that it was a meaningless topic to talk about. Hakumen follows a rather unique blend of cyborg and samurai. His Overdrive, Fierce God (鬼神, Kishin), greatly speeds up his magatama gain rate, allowing him to use his special moves more frequently. Oh I know. Hakumen managed to return to the real world after almost a century after his heroic sacrifice. In order to use this technique, however, it seems to take some time to prepare and uses up a substantial amount of Hakumen’s power. With that Mara and I continued approaching Susanoo, while Sam went and hid behind us. “Ninja Caltrops! Hakaishin means "God of Destruction", by the way. In Centralfiction, there are only three unlimited characters: Nine the Phantom, Izanami and Ragna the Bloodedge – however, they are not playable and they appear only after meeting certain conditions in Arcade Mode, listed below. Trinity manages to find him, but is almost killed if not for Hakumen’s intervention. Need help? Yūki Terumi (ユウキ=テルミ), whose real name is Susanoo (スサノオ), was one of the Six Heroes, as well as the creator of the Blue Grimoire, one of the founders of both the World Void Information Control Organization and the 7th Agency. This page was last edited on 17 October 2018, at 15:32. I think it came out alright for my first true action scene, but the next one will better, hopefully. “I AM THE VIOLENT SEA!” Heavy rain started coming down from above, with the raindrops becoming one with the hurricane, and the lightning bolts traveling between the bodies of water that were forming. Jin asked what he would become, to which Rachel replied that he would become different than what he currently was. Perhaps this is just the ‘beginning’?” with these words said, Hakumen raised the Slaying Demon: Ōkami above his head and struck downwards, his Event Weapon killing the Beast that had wrought its destruction upon the world and its denizens. In the game files of Centralfiction, only Ragna, Nine and Izanami have unlimited portraits, but there is also an unused image that should be used on the character select screen and indicates that the selected character is unlimited. I will use the self-destruct protocol.”. The pain strengthened his resolve and allowed him to slay the Black Beast; he even named one of his techniques after her. Along with Ragna, Rachel, Hazama, Jin and Platinum, Hakumen is a playable guest character in Lost Saga. It's the theme of unlimited Susanoo in that game. Hakumen follows a rather unique blend of cyborg and samurai. Users who like BlazBlue: Central Fiction - HAKAISHIN; Users who reposted BlazBlue: Central Fiction - HAKAISHIN; Playlists containing BlazBlue: Central Fiction - HAKAISHIN However although it did some damage, a majority of the items either missed, or were destroyed by his aura. In exchange, he met Nine, Trinity Glassfille and Celica Ayatsuki Mercury for the first time. “Heh, let me add to the dumpster fire. I might try write a side chapter for the Kageko/Amaterasu duo, although I don't know if I'd be able to. Jin was taken to Alucard Castle for treatment; he woke up after one week and was greeted by Rachel’s father, Clavis Alucard. Hakaishin means "God of Destruction", by the way. Relius was interested in how Hakumen escaped from the Boundary. Battle with 21 unique characters, incl... 'BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend' is the sixth installment of the BlazBlue series, a combination of 2D fighting acti... SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. BlazBlue Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In Arakune’s arcade mode, Hakumen reveals another technique called Demon-Threat Annihilation (劫魔滅殺, Gōma Messatsu, localized as Demonslayer), which he specifically reserved against Terumi, but he is soon forced to use it against Arakune, his opponent runs away.[7]. Hakumen, as well as Noel, Terumi, and Tsubaki, are the only characters with playable alternate forms. Very fitting, as Terumi (Takehaya) has made it his goal to destroy everything Amaterasu has created. In place of this are a series of eight magatama which he spends on his special attacks as well as his Distortion Drives. The player cannot lose or finish anyone normally. Mara sunk into the shadows, while Sam and I jumped over the energy wave. !” The floating island shook, as the winds of the hurricane sped up, the debris caught amongst it colliding at a more fierce rate than before, mixing in with the lightning and raindrops, causing a weird layered combination of earth, water, electricity and wind. Suddenly, Hazama appears before them, announcing that Takamagahara is under his control. Unlimited Ragna is playable in the true endings of. Hakumen approached him, looking at the man he recognized, his many red eyes staring daggers into the beaten body. These eyes are not as much of an intimidation as much as the mask he wears; a completely white, two horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all, a feature that paralyzes anybody in fear.

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