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cusicesh the protector

[1], It is unique, one of the few types of spren known to Axies to have only a single member. This WoB suggests (based on Sanderson not correcting the questioner's statement) that the Death Rattles began when the Parshendi were first contacted by Gavilar. kind of like a daily report of deaths? [1], Axies the Collector is an avid observer of spren and makes a trip to Kasitor to see Cusicesh. It often leaves those who witness it with a feeling of being "drained". Notes The one we know the most about is Moelach, who causes the death rattles in places he's near. There's very little known about them, but likely some have either been subtly manipulating humanity on a large scale while others may have been out of the game one way or another for a long time. The Unmade are nine spren-like entities, some of which are sentient, others of which are more 'forces' that act on Odium's behalf. Some of the faces seemed male, others female. The Death Rattles started after he died too. [1], This spren is judged to be at least a hundred feet; one of the largest Axies has ever seen. Perhaps Cusicesh is holding this unmade prisoner, which would explain why it seems like faces are trying to push their way out of the water jet and why everyone feels drained afterwards. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Stormlight_Archive community, Continue browsing in r/Stormlight_Archive. Cusicesh, the Protector is an extremely large spren in a bay neighboring the city of Kasitor in Iri on Roshar. She is not aware of Odium's nature at the time and wonders if it is another unique spren like Cusicesh or the Nightwatcher. Information from Rhythm of War and Dawnshard is not allowed on the Coppermind until the books are out. The Stormfather refuses to divulge more information than their existence and their relation to himself and the Nightwatcher. We also know that they aren't omnipresent, and some at least seem to move about. It forms a face on a stumplike neck that always looks east toward the Origin; the face shifts very rapidly into different human faces, both male and female. Taravangian (probably spelled that wrong) is effectively chasing him to learn more about the future through the death rattles. What are they exactly? It is speculated that Dai-gonarthis has something to do with water, due to the title "the black fisher". Different human faces appear on the end of its stumplike neck, one after another in blurred succession. One of them, for example, causes the Thrill - seemingly encouraging violence and bloodshed. The reason that Cusicesh is called "the Protector" is not known. See Coppermind:Spoilers for details on how you can still work on this content. This happens without fail, and the locals set their clocks by Cusicesh's daily appearance. More discussion on the idea here:, And my own take on it:, Very farfetched but do you think that Moelach was released because of Gavilar?

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