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bill of lading date

Releasing a bill of lading without a date will put the carrier at risk as the client can put any date they want and the carrier may be exposed to all sorts of claims and other issues including shipping and freight fraud etc.. You can also read why a shipping line won’t back date a bill of lading.. Have any of you had experiences with banks or other authorities rejecting your documentation due to issues with either of these dates..?? Bills of lading are one of three crucial documents used in international trade to ensure that exporters receive payment and importers receive the merchandise. Our India office (Exporter) Export the goods to our Dubai office as per the Invoice received from Dubai office & in turn Dubai office export the same goods to Singapore customer as per their Invoice to Dubai office. One is when in the stage of export documentation that a bill of lading is issued; Another is the actual date of the issue of the bill of lading. So, it is best practice to pursue the physical copy of the Bill of Lading as soon as possible. when the L/C mentions 3/3 it means all of the originals, so if the carrier release 2 original the bank requires all 2. if the carrier release 1 original the bank requires the original. Clean on board dates are also very rare. The “Shipped On Board Date” and “Bill of Lading Date” are two different dates, and may not be the same. Would you mind to explain this? What is a letter of credit, how it works and who needs it.. How about Clean on Board? Is it Even Relevant? But the important point to note is that the Bill of Lading date can only be after the Shipped on Board date.. For example, if the container has been Shipped on Board on 11.03.2012, the bill of lading date cannot be 10.03.2012 as the carrier is supposed to issue a bill of lading showing Shipped on Board only after the container has been physically Shipped on Board.. This is not as common for FCL shipments. There are a few processes that need to take place before the issue of a bill of lading. In terms of Question 3 “Can a bill of lading be issued without a Bill of Lading Date..? 1. in brief – vessel arrived on dated 30th May, whereas container loaded on 31st may at 0410hrs and sailed in noon hours, customer is requesting SOB date should be 30th May. It is not feasible for vessel operators to check each and every cargo container. A Bill of Lading is required when moving a freight shipment. It is a practice where freight forwarders issue a draft bill of lading to the cargo owners to authenticate the information detailed on the Bill of Lading. or simply send a tweet about what you are looking for or drop a mail.. Hi all, I am Hariesh Manaadiar, the author of this niche resource on shipping and freight.. You can interact with me via comments on the posts or via. So, when is a bill of lading issued? Even more so, they do not have the depth of knowledge of the cargo that the cargo owners have to inspect the received goods. please advise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is not a big leap to compare a contract of carriage to any other legal contract such as a tenancy agreement. Vessel Operators are at a position to only issue an original copy of the bill of lading once the payments due to them are cleared, holding the cargo they have taken custody over as a lien. Therefore there are different terminology like ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) when the ship departed from the berth, and ETS (Estimated Time of Sailing) when the ship actually sailed from the port.. If the BL date is later than LC last date of shipment In response to Question 2 “Can a bill of lading be issued without a Shipped on Board Date..? Normally, if the office is NOT working on a Sunday, the date will be different and also as per the instructions of the Shipping Line. With that in mind, the freight forwarder is obligated to issue a bill of lading with a “received for shipment” date. If a date is shown along with the Shipped on Board notation in the body of the bill of lading, then that date becomes the Shipped on Board Date. Your Question : “while the pre-printed, UCP600 means “typed” on the “BLANK” bill of lading. Kindly advise on the reason that the B/L onboard date differs from the vessel arrival date. This date is DIFFERENT from the Shipped on Board Date as the container could have been loaded on board the ship at a different date and Bill of Lading was issued to the customer at a different (later) date.. Shipped on board is a notation displayed on the bill of lading by the issuer of the bill of lading (usually the carrier) to confirm that the cargo has been loaded on board the ship.. What is a Consular Invoice? The “Bill of Lading Date” is different from the “Shipped On Board Date” as the container may have been loaded on board the ship on a different date, while the Bill of Lading was issued to the customer at a later date. whereas container loaded on next day, As an example, Bill of Ladings have to adhere to the following conventions: –. ?..Obviously the date of issue in received fro shipment BL would prior to on board date. Many exporters may have noticed the term “Shipped On Board” mentioned within a Bill of Lading, since these exporters are involved in global trade and frequently utilize financial documents such as a Letter of Credit (L/C.) It is in the shipper’s interest to get the bill of lading released asap (if it is a negotiable bill, they will usually take release pretty quickly) and its also in the lines interest to push the shipper to take release of the bill (if it is an original bill).. Each line has their own mechanism to deal with bills that have not yet been released.. If the Office is working on a Sunday, then ? As a result, the majority of current Bills of Lading that are issued for international sea freight transportation can be classified as “Shipped on Board Bills of Lading.”, Why It’s Important to Have the Correct Tariff Classification on Imported Goods. The Shift from Trucking to Rail: The Supply Chain’s Most Eco-friendly Option, U.S. Importers Face a Record-Breaking November Peak Season, The Ports of New York & New Jersey Cope with Rail Delays, Five New Ways Shipping Businesses Will Use Technology in 2021. That information is compiled by the shipping agent or VOCC into a shipping manifest. A bill of lading (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BOL) is a document issued by a carrier (or their agent) to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. In which case, the freight forwarders are responsible to consolidate the cargo information to present it to the shipping agent to prepare the Master Bill of Lading. Hi Sean, the actual date of sailing of the vessel can be different from that of SOB because not in all cases the ship will load and sail on the same day although this is the majority case.. This question comes in 2 forms. Hello Winda, if you search on this blog for Clean on Board, there are several articles that explains it.. Hi, we are facing issues where all documents have been dated with the SOB date and bank rejecting them view the date of issue is different. ?“, technically and legally speaking, a bill of lading shouldn’t be issued and is normally never issued without a date on it.. Can a “Shipped on board” Bill of lading be issued before the actual On-boarding of the container on the vessel? This is also why the Bill of Ladings often adds the term “Said To Contain” in front of the description of the cargo. All of the rules above underlines a time bar to which the wronged party can issue a claim against the issuer of the bill of lading. If Date of Issue is AFTER the Shipped on Board date, then they shouldn’t have the problem because both these dates are different.. The “Shipped On Board Date” is a notation added by the Bill of Lading issuer that confirms the cargo has been loaded on board. it printed on UCP 600 you depicted: pre-printed wording or on-board notation INDICATING the date. What is a Delivery Order and who issues it..?? A bill of lading is a legal document issued by a carrier to a shipper that details the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being carried. If the SOB date is 16th May and if the bill is released after 10 days, what would be the B/L date, what is acceptable variance in the dates between SOB date and B/L date ? © Copyright Max Freight Forwarders (M) Sdn Bhd, Terms and Conditions of the Bill of Lading, 4 Definite Ways to Reduce Detention and Demurrage Costs. Whereas a bill of lading … Is the shipped on board date also the day the vessel actual sets sail, or can this be later than the shipped on board date? What is a reefer container and how does it work..?? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First and foremost, all relevant information such as container number, cargo details, voyage details, and freight details has to be collected accurately. An LNG Powered Giant: CMA CGM Jacques Saade. Many Letters of Credit require a “Shipped On Board Ocean Bill of Lading.” That requirement means that the Bill of Lading must be original and display a “Shipped On Board Date” in order for the Letter of Credit to be satisfied. The sooner the documents are presented to the shipping agent, the faster the bill of lading can be prepared. Draft Bills of Lading are not to be mistaken as the Original Copy Bill of Lading. Therefore, it is common that the laden cargo container has been collected by the truck operator and delivered to the port without a Bill of Lading. Because the shipping agent or vessel operator does not take responsibility for any incidents occurring before the date they had taken custody of the cargo. Can a bill of lading be issued without a Shipped on Board Date..?? both is the same? Day In Life of a Custom Broker in Malaysia, Complete Guide to Bulk Ship Chartering (Part 2). The other two documents are a policy of insurance and an invoice. On the other hand, a “Bill of Lading Date” is the date on which the Bill of Lading was issued. I am not sure what you are finding incorrect.. Is it a discrepancy not to mention the on board date right next to the wording ” ON BOARD ” but with only the BL date at the bottom ? ?” UCP600 Article 20 – Section A – sub-section ii clarifies this point quite clearly.. However, for freight forwarders that prepare a house bill of lading for its customers, the contract between the freight forwarder and the cargo owner may include multiple transportation modes (multimodal transportation). This is the Shipped on Board Date which denotes the date on which the container was loaded on board the ship.. Bill of Lading Date = the date on which the bill of lading is issued.. You can see this date (either as Date of Issue or Place and Date of Issue) usually near the signature area on the bill of lading.. It is a shipment under LC. The “Bill of Lading Date” is different from the “Shipped On Board Date” as the container may have been loaded on board the ship on a different date, while the Bill of Lading was issued to the customer at a later date. The bill of lading date has to be on or after the shipped on board date.. What to do if the Original Bill of Lading is lost? This notation is usually typed within the body of the Bill of Lading, and is shown along with the “On Board Date.”. ask anyone with a CDCS title. Basheer, it has been known to happen, but this would depend totally on the carrier releasing the bill of lading.. shipped on board date 19/10/17 and bill of exchange date is 20/10/17 is there any problem ? The “Bill of Lading Date” has to be on, or after, the “Shipped On Board Date.”, If the shipping document does not display a “Shipped on Board Date,” the “Bill of Lading Date” is considered the “Shipped On Board Date.” A Bill of Lading cannot be issued without a “Shipped On Board Date.”, Today, almost all Bills of Lading are issued with an on board notation.

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