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aberaeron to new quay

Let’s... ‘Gwlad, Gwlad, pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad,Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau,O bydded i'r heniaith barhau.’Undoubtedly, the... As part of our Business Spotlight feature we speak to the people behind the amazing thriving small... My name is Kelly and I own Aberporth Coastal Holidays with my partner Steve. But we ran into some helpful walkers coming from the other direction who let us know we needed to walk along the beach towards New Quay (which was now visible and tantalisingly close). Aberaeron and New Quay are fine, briny towns, with Georgian waterfronts, fishing boats in the harbour and bottle-nosed dolphins out to sea. A Local’s Guide to the Perfect Autumn Weekend Getaway to West Wales, Walking the Welsh Coastal Path – Aberaeron to New Quay. The second of these dingles at Pont Y Gilfach after 1.5 miles (2.4km) has a series of little waterfalls, as does the third, the glorious Cwm Buwch, one of the walk’s highlights. I write this whilst soaking up the sights at beautiful Poppit Sands beach; watching the children laugh and play in the most... Now what’s better than devouring fresh fish and chips, drenched in salt and vinegar, whilst by the seaside? We avoided temptation and continued straight through. Time: Would depend on your walking pace but we managed it in just over 2 hours (only stopping for the odd photo). Above today's harbour beach is a statue of a young girl blowing a kiss towards the horizon. But this straightforward walk explores the less trodden route to the north, part of the 870-mile (1,400km) Wales Coast Path, which opened in 2012. The path then continues more inland, through some pretty forest and fields before eventually following a country lane. Now you are at the point where the tide determines your route. Donald Trump - and he showed how he can also win this election, Study finds that plasma of recovered Covid-19 patients is of limited use as a treatment, Vets raise risk of bird flu hitting the UK to medium after Netherlands infection, Boris Johnson voices frustration as Test and Trace records worst week, Boris Johnson pledges to relocate ministers to the 'great north'. Even though the weather was not great, the town was bustling and packed full of tourists. In low tide you can continue walking along the beach all the way to New Quay (the beach after here becomes sandy and would be a pleasant walk) but we hadn’t timed it well and set off up the stairs. The route is marked and easy to follow – but be aware that the last stretch along the beach around New Quay Bay is impassable at high tide and an alternative route swings inland to follow the road into New Quay. From here the path gradually makes its way across a wooded slope. Aberaeron is a beautiful Georgian town, featuring a pretty harbour and houses painted in various different colours (it reminded me of a fishing town in Scandinavia). The climb out of Cwm Buwch is steep but doesn’t take too long. Given the recent weather, the path could be muddy in places but nothing too bad or impassable. Aberaeron and New Quay are fine, briny towns, with Georgian waterfronts. We were lucky enough to have my husband’s parents as taxi drivers to take us back to Aberaeron but you could also return via bus (the T5, X50 or 554 buses, although best to check timetables). Aberaeron was planned and built from 1805 onward by the Rev. On the hill above the Coast Path, just south of Aberaeron is Henfynyw. Beyond Llanina is Cei Bach, the ‘little quay’. Taxi fares in Ceredigion are calculated based on the minimum fare and fare for the subsequent Miles. Either take a taxi ( or catch the hourly X50 bus (20 minutes; back to Aberaeron, where the chic 13-room Harbourmaster hotel (01545 570755; is the recommended place to stay. The Welsh coastal path was opened in 2012 and is 870 miles long in total (covering the entire Welsh coastline), and West Wales is home to some of its most spectacular sections. Start at Aberaeron harbour with your back to the town and head left, picking up the route at the car park and climbing gently before dropping to the first of three deep, wooded valleys that cut down to the sea in the course of the walk. It marks the half way point of the Wales Coast Path, and reminds us of the longing of New Quay families for the mariners who spent months, sometimes years, away at sea. When the tide is out, it's possible to walk along the beach between New Quay and Llanina point, a favourite walk of Dylan Thomas between the town and where he would spend his time writing- in the apple store in the corner of the garden of the mansion of his sponsor, Lord Howard De Walden. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One of these is Gilfach yr Halen Its name might be a reminder of the smuggling of salt and other commodities, (halen is salt in Welsh) that took place along the coast when the tax was much higher in Britain than over the Irish Sea in Ireland. Eventually we dropped into the town and walked through its streets to the beach area. Here you have a steeper climb down into the valley and we crossed a bridge in front of a series of pretty waterfalls. We walked past several sets of wooden stairs (which apparently lead to a holiday park) before reaching a set of metal stairs which would take us back to the coastal path. From the stairs, the coastal path wasn’t that well sign posted but we turned right down a path which eventually turned out to be the correct one. It’s still all well sign posted and, although you do need to walk along the road, we didn’t come across any traffic (only other walkers!). Check the map and find the best directions between the two cities. Ceredigion Taxi Fare from aberaeron to new quay is GBP £ 13. Calculate the distance from Aberaeron to New Quay United Kingdom. At Llwyndon, the signposts directed us down a path to Traethgwyn beach. The beach is very stony and I found walking along it a bit difficult. The path is a gentle climb before dropping down into Cwm Clifforch where you cross a small bridge and then have a short climb back out. Aberaeron and New Quay are fine, briny towns, with Georgian waterfronts, fishing boats in the harbour and bottle-nosed dolphins out to sea. You have entered an incorrect email address! Aberaeron to Cei Newydd / New Quay. This section of beach had a lot of swimmers and looked like a good alternative to the busy beach in central New Quay. At the beach, the signs disappeared! For more easy walking, consider the valley trail to the National Trust’s Llanerchaeron, an 18th-century estate with house, farm and walled garden (1.9 miles/3km one-way). New Quay's natural harbour is sheltered from prevailing winds by New Quay head, and a ‘new' stone quay was built in the early 19th century as shipbuilding boomed. Once there, take a dip in the sea, then eat and drink at The Black Lion (01545 561144;, a favourite of Dylan Thomas during his time in the town in 1944-45. You pass the odd wooden gate, and a wooden bridge. We chose a very manageable 6 mile walk from the town of Aberaeron (where we were staying) to the bustling town of New Quay. The section of the Ceredigion Coast Path between New Quay and Aberaeron is one of the most popular stretches, and includes ones of the favourite walks of Dylan Thomas, along the beach between the town and his wartime home at Llanina. Explore the network of beaches, waterfalls and wooded valleys between two of the loveliest towns on the Welsh coast. We set off from the carpark at Aberaeron’s southern beach. Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne as a harbour and port, with a thriving shipbuilding industry. The present day Llanina church is said to have been built for the 6th century king of Wessex who wanted to show his gratitude for being saved by local people when he was shipwrecked on this coast. You can read more about New Quay here. Between them stretches a coastal landscape of cliffs, pretty woodland, long views and paths fringed by ferns and wildflowers. The path roughly followed the coast again until we dropped down into Cwm Buwch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aberaeron, with it’s colourful houses, is one of the most instantly recognisable places in wales. When you can’t walk along the beach the alternative route along a lane will take you past Majoda, Dylan's temporary wartime home. Nothing insurmountable but enough to slow down our pace. From Llanina, the path continues past Cei Bach and Cwm Buwch where the river Drywi has carved its way over a waterfall to the sea. The walk is 6 miles and took us just over 2 hours. At Pont Y Gilfach we passed through the Gilfach Holiday village, the path goes past the pub here, and if it’s open, you can stop for a drink. Our walk from Aberaeron to New Quay on the Welsh Coastal Path in August 2020. A number of short rivers run down to the sea through wooded valleys before dropping  unexpectedly over the cliff to pebble coves below. It usually takes 15 minutes to reach new quay from aberaeron which are 12.169 Miles apart. To find out how Merrell can prepare you for the outdoors, visit, Who won the presidential debate? Looking for the best fish and chips in West Wales. My husband and I recently visited West Wales and, having visited before, we knew walking a section of the Welsh Coastal Path was a must do. Until the mid 20th century one in five of the town's men was a Master Mariner, and several were 'Cape Horners'. Essential Welsh Facts & Phrases for Your Holiday in Wales, Preparing to Reopen our Holiday Cottages in Aberporth. © Copyright 2020 Ceredigion County Council, Activities and Adventures in Ceredigion's great outdoors. Llanina point and New Quay from the coast path. The church is on the site of an early monastery, and it is said that St David spent his childhood here. NOTHING, that’s what! We were pleasantly surprised by the weather, which was overcast but not cold, with only a slight breeze (the day before Wales had been hit by Storm Francis and the wind had been very bad!). The path took us upwards and past houses overlooking New Quay. It’s a great place to grab an ice cream (particularly the famous honey ones at Hive) or a drink (we recommend the Harbourmaster). New Quay to Aberaeron The section of the Ceredigion Coast Path between New Quay and Aberaeron is one of the most popular stretches, and includes ones of the favourite walks of Dylan Thomas, along the beach between the town and his wartime home at Llanina. The path was clearly marked by the Wales Coast path symbol (see below) or signs stating ‘Coastal Path’. Our first family holiday to West Wales…and it won’t be our last! The many hiking options of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park will be well known to outdoor enthusiasts. At the top we were greeted by a field of friendly (or indifferent) cows, the path continued around this field and alongside the coastline. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can read more about Aberaeron here. We got a spot upstairs at the Blue Bell for wine and scones, which certainly hit the spot after a lovely walk.

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