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abandoned coal mines in virginia

This project will also create a scenic trail between the towns of Thomas and Davis and restore the Davis Coal and Coke Company engineering building for use. Aiding in the construction of a housing facility for teachers. Upgrading existing sewer lines, pumping stations, and sanitary collection system. Providing water service to 254 customers, Baileysville Elementary and Middle School, along with a potential expansion of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail. Brenton and Baileysville Waterline Extension Project$4,500,000. The advocacy group believes that repurposing mine lands with renewables makes not only social, but also economic sense in light of the RECLAIM Act, currently pending, that would see a release of $1 billion over a five-year period to American coal states. West Virginia officials Thursday announced the names of the recipients they are recommending for millions of dollars in federal funding to help clean up abandoned coal mines. The proposed facility will also have space available for commercial use. The Blackwater River Loop Project: Hiking, Biking and Heritage Tourism        $818,000. $25 Million Federal CARES Money To Help Cover Past-Due W.Va. Utility Bills, Bob Murray Announces Retirement From Coal Company He Founded, Court Issues Emergency Order Blocking Mountain Valley Pipeline From Stream, Wetland Construction, Environmental Risks Remain As Blackjewel Bankruptcy Nears Its End, Unsealed Court Documents Show Union Carbide Conducted Testing At Filmont Site For Years, Rockwool Facility In Jefferson County Under Investigation For Alleged Irresponsible Business Conduct, New Coalition Releases West Virginia Guide On Climate Change, Murray Energy Exits Bankruptcy, Rehires Union Miners, Meet The National Park Service's New Head — She's A West Virginian. Providing water service to 254 customers, Baileysville Elementary and Middle School, along with a potential expansion of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail. Virginia’s Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Program was established in the late 1970’s to correct pre-federal Act (1977) coal mine related problems adversely impacting public health, safety, general welfare and the environment. More than half of the funding will go to projects expanding access to clean water in communities, including some in Raleigh, Summers and Fayette counties. Constructing approximately three miles of public water service to residents along Route 33 in Raleigh County. These features are important because abandoned mines have many land-related problems such as landslides, stream sedimentation, hazardous structures, dangerous highwalls, Constructing a water treatment system to improve water quality of the north fork of the Blackwater River and make the site a visitor-friendly education project.

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